travelingSpring break is drawing near and many students are planning to travel during their well-deserved break in order to relax and take some distance from the everyday routine study programmes.

However this is also a time when students should take precautions against unpleasant surprises, which may occur while traveling. [Travel Safety]

Valuables such as any money, IDs, digital cameras should not be flaunted, always make sure you have a copy of your credit card, passport and driving license, kept safely in the hotel’s safe or hidden away in a safe place.

Always check your belongings and keep them near you at all times, for not only could they be stolen, but other items might be hidden purposefully away in your bags.

Remember never to walk around alone, always have at least one person to accompany you, in case of need.

If you do go to parties, always go with friends, never with strangers and do not accept invitations from people you are not acquainted with, or even accept drinks from strangers, for if you take too much drink you will be no longer conscious of your actions and those of others.

Do not set off for unknown explorations or sites, before planning an excursion make sure you have your contact information and identity on you as well as your itinerary organized and always inform friends or relations to your whereabouts before setting off.

Using common sense and routine precautions will help you fully enjoy your spring break vacation.


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