Dubai is the ultimate destination for shopping lovers in the world. With amazing malls, shopping complexes, shopping souqs and local markets, Dubai offers a great experience for people of all needs and requirements. Whether you are a luxury shopper or a budget shopper, Dubai serves all.

But among so many options of shopping available, it can be difficult for a person to visit all and hence a proper plan needs to be made. If you too are going to visit Dubai anytime soon for shopping, then the following is a complete guide for you:

Emirates towers Boulevard

This is a luxury shopping mall where you will find all the major luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel and Armani etc. If you are ready to spend big bucks, then choose this mall.

Mall of the Emirates

mall of the  emiratesThis is the largest shopping mall in Dubai and hosts more than 200 shopping outlets catering to a variety of customers.  There are also many cafes and food courts in this mall for a complete shopping experience.

Wafi Shopping Centre

This is another mall whose name is synonymous with luxury as it hosts many top brands such as Chanel, Givenchy and others. There is also a luxury spa facility in this mall for those who wish to relax and get calm in this center.

Al-Ghurair City

This is the mall from where traditional clothes and other items can be purchased. This is the oldest mall in Dubai which is famous for selling Arabic furnishings, authentic rugs, stylish shaylas etc.

Dubai Mall

dubai mallTthis mall is another option for affordable yet branded shopping. In this mall, you will find numerous options, many brands, cafes, food court and everything that can make a complete shopping experience.

Gold Souq at Sikkat Al-Khali Street

If you are in mood to buy some Gold-an item which Dubai is famous for then you can head to Gold Souq at Sikkat al-khali Street. This is where you can buy gold bar, gold jewelry in every possible form. Bargaining can be done at this particular mall.

Bur Dubai Side of the Creek

This is a lovely shopping area from where one can purchase textiles and other such items. You can also buy interesting souvenirs, raw silks and a lot of other amazing products to take back home either for gifting or as a remembrance of your trip to Dubai.


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