Want to present yourself with a unique travelling experience like no other? Want to visit a place still abundant with natural flora and fauna? Where the ill-effects of modern life has not been able to seep into the lifestyle of its people?

Where wild life treads the soil without the fear of getting killed for pleasure? Plan a trip to the rain forests for the experience of a life time. Here are a few tips to help you plan this unconventional trip into the very heart of nature.

traveling tips to rainforests

1. The first phase of planning requires selecting a country. Choose a country that is convenient to you. Options include Brazil, Costa Rica, and Africa, parts of South East Asia, Central America, and South America.

2. Book hotels early: Various internet sites are available to help you with the bookings to hotels and resorts according to your budget. Early booking helps you to get discounts.

Some hotels include arranged tours to the rain forests in their package. This is a good option to select rather than bargaining with operators when you reach the destination.

3. Design your schedule: Rain forests are not just about hiking through the dense jungles. Different places have different things on offer.

Some places have beaches, some boast of culturally rich villages and towns, while some have adventure activities like trekking or rock climbing. As you zero in on the rain forest, schedule your itinerary to include the other tourist attractions available in that area.

4. Ensure to get the relevant vaccinations: Rain forests are abundant in typical diseases that may affect you in case you do not have vaccinations against them. Go to a specialized clinic that offers vaccinations, as well as information about safety in rain forests.

5. Know the local lingo: It always helps to know a few local phrases when visiting a completely strange land. First look for the languages spoken in the area that you choose to visit. Then jot down a few common phrases in those languages to connect better with the locals and enjoy their way of life.

6. Pack the right stuff: Irrespective of the time of the year, rain forests will be hot and humid. And needless to say, there will be rain. Pack light cotton clothes to combat the heat, but make sure you wear full sleeves and full pants to avoid being bitten by bugs or getting scratches during your hike in the forest.

Carry mosquito repellents to ward off the persistent insect. Carry water resistant accessories like umbrellas and raincoats to keep your clothes dry as it begins to pour.

7. Know the safety rules by heart: It does not matter which rain forest you go to; the tame ones like Costa Rica and Belize or the more wild ones like Africa. Wherever you go, it will be unknown territory for you. So it is best to know the safety rules stated by the authorized tour operators or guides to keep from harm’s way.

8. Carry sufficient water on your rainforest trip: The excessive sweating will cause you to become dehydrated if you do not replenish the lost fluids. Ensure that you carry enough clean water during your hike through the forests.

Photo Credit By: glamouroustraveller.com


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