Well, life is great for vegetarians in a lot of ways, but when it comes to travelling, things can get challenging. When exposed to foreign locations, vegetarians might find it difficult to get the food they would like to eat, especially if they go out without any homework.

Most places in the world do not sell purely vegetarian food and their definition of vegetarian might be totally different from the definition which vegetarians go by. In such a scenario, how can a vegetarian exist and enjoy the holiday? Well, the following are the top 7 tips for vegetarians travelling abroad:

tips for vegetarians travelling abroad

  • While flying, look for vegetarian options on the menu of the airline and make sure they are not cooked in fish oil or cod liver oil. While it is true that most vegetarian options on flights are not too good but you can make it better by adding pickle or anything else that the flight might offer.
  • Packing in some of your own vegetarian food in your handbag and your luggage is also a good idea and will keep you going atleast for a few days. It is advisable to pack stuff that won’t go rot easily and will survive for atleast 2-3 days. Packing peanut butter, granola bars and crackers in your hand bag is a good idea.
  • When you visit a local owned restaurant, then chances are that you won’t find anything that is pure vegetarian. In such cases, make sure you check everything before you eat and try to order items like salads, breads, buns and plain cheese pizzas etc.
  • It is a great idea to memorize to say ‘I don’t eat meat /I am a vegetarian/ I eat vegetarian food’ in the local language of the place that you are visiting so as to avoid the hassle of ordering food in restaurants.
  • In most of the restaurants, you won’t find many vegetarian food options, especially in American countries and coastal regions. Thus in such cases, the best tip is to order what is not present on the menu. You can ask the server to make something involving only vegetables or a stir fried dish without chicken or meat. While visiting pizza outlets, request the server to make a pizza with only tomato sauce and cheese on it.
  • Another superb tip that works for vegetarians travelling abroad is to visit the local grocery stores and buy themselves vegetarian items like breads, jams, butter, vegetables etc. and prepare them at the place they are staying, preferably if the place has a kitchen. This will not only cost less than visiting a restaurant but will also save you from the struggle of finding a vegetarian restaurant.
  • If you are a vegetarian who is travelling abroad then it is best not to expect to eat like you eat in your country. Be realistic and try to relish whatever you can manage to find. If you find a good restaurant serving vegetarian food, then stick to it and eat there everyday.


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