Beach vacation is loved by all irrespective of age; especially kids enjoy the beach hours owing to the roaring waves, abundance of water and other fun filled activities that they enjoy with sand and shells. This article aims to give you plenty ideas for entertaining activities for children while you are on the shorelines. Apart from building sand castles and swimming, there are many innovative games that can keep the kids engaged on a beach holiday – here are some of the best ideas –

activities for children on beach holidayDigging a Channel to the Sea

This is one of the easiest activities that children of any age enjoy. You just need a spade to do this, keeping digging a channel up to the sea and enjoy watching the water rippling into the channel in and out.

Create Dams

Sand, pebbles and some more beach finds will help you to create the dam in front of an artificial reservoir that will just be a hole filled with sea water. You can carefully make openings on the dam to let the water of the reservoir flow out. Of course this will need a bit of adult help.

Sand sculptures

If you have a creative kid, indulge into aesthetic activities even at the ocean front. Gather wet sand heaps and help the child build sand sculptures, may be a turtle, mermaid, fish or some easier structures in the beginning. Sandman figures just like snowman are also a great idea on the beachfront.

Shell Magic

Encourage the kid to collect shells and sea weed on the shores and if the shell already has holes string them up in the sea weeds to create a unique necklace. This will not only be a lovely creation for beach fashion but also a souvenir of your vacation.

Drawing on Sand

Take a stick and draw pictures, write names and messages on the sand; let the waves wash them away and then write some-thing else again. After you do this for 5 times, repeat the names or messages you had written and see how far you remember them correctly. This is a great memory game that kids love.

Building with Sand

Sandcastles are a traditional game played by almost all kids on beach; however you can make it a bit different. Ask your kid to build a city with high rise buildings, lanes, cars, human figures etc. This will take time and patience, so just make sure you have both!

Race with Ping Pong Ball

Gather sand and create sloping channels, make them of equal length and place you ping pong ball at one end. Let the ball roll on to the finishing line and you run upto a specific point to win the race. You can conduct this among a group of children on the beach.

Beach Golf

Parents who have interest in golf would surely encourage their kids too and beach holidays would not let you miss the fun! You can make your own mini golf course and the kids can form two groups taking turns with their mini golf clubs and balls.


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