Islands are a great place to visit, especially when it comes to spending a vacation. The exotic lands, white sand beaches, wildlife, and more such factors are a major attraction for tourists.

But there are numerous islands all around the world. Which one shall you visit? Well, if you are planning a vacation this new year, you are at the right place. This article will guide you to the best islands all around the world which you can visit this year.

Top 5 islands in the world to welcome 2018

The Maldives

Most probably you have heard of Maldives. In fact, who hasn’t? The Maldives, a tiny island peeking above the Indian ocean attracts a lot of tourists per year. And as predicted, 2018 will attract more tourists to this island than ever before.

Now, what exactly is the specialty of this island? Well, it offers you dazzling white sun-bathed shores and crystal-clear water surrounding to start with. The Maldives also offers a rich underwater coral reef heritage to fulfill your thirst for nature.

Palawan islands

If you are a traveler, you surely wouldn’t want to miss a trip to this island. Residing in the Philippines, Palawan is often considered as the paradise of the country. Not only does the island offer you with crystal clear water and rich underwater heritage, it also offers you with a green vegetation cover to satisfy your wonder lust.

Few of the popular features of the island include a large diversity of tropical fishes, a unique wildlife, etc. some of the popular spots include Coron, El Nido, and obviously the world heritage listed Bacuit archipelago.


You have definitely heard of Fiji, one of the most favorite holiday spots for tourists all over the world. And why wouldn’t people love the island? It offers them plenty of reasons to spend a memorable vacation.

In Fiji, you can take part in plenty of activities such as diving, surfing, fishing, snorkeling, etc. If you want, you can experience the best message on the island such as Fijian bamboo message, four-handed messages, etc. So, these factors give you plenty of reasons to spend the new year in the Fiji Islands.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia had always been a popular choice when it came to best islands all over the world. If you make a trip to the island in 2018, you would not only be greeted with golden sand beaches and green lush cover, but also the topographical features which you wouldn’t come across in other Caribbean islands. Here, you would get to see coconut palms, waterfalls, twin dormant volcanoes, and a lot of other interesting places


Rich in temples, volcanic islands, lush green cover and golden paddy fields, Bali islands offer a rich heritage to satisfy the wonder lust of tourists. This island chains of Indonesia offer a touch of spirituality, an attractive chain of volcanic peaks, rich underwater heritages, etc. you can take part in several activities such as swimming, sunbathing, fishing, etc.


As you are now well aware of few of the top islands all over the world, you can pack your stuff, set out for your dream locations, and make the start of 2018 a memorable one.


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