Travelling to Milan, Italy? Well, whether it is a business trip or a personal vacation, Milan can be an expensive place considering the fact that it is a fashion city of Europe and is a big cosmopolitan place to visit in Italy. But travelling to this place doesn’t have to be about rolling out the euros.

There are many ways following which you can save a decent sum of money and travel on a budget. There is no dearth of ideas and tips to save on fashion, food and transportation. The following are some of the budget travel tips while travelling to Milan.

budget travel tips while travelling to milan

  • Flock to flea markets- when it comes to shopping, rather than spending high amounts of boutique stores and other expensive showrooms, you can always try out the flea markets which are surprisingly cheap yet full of options. The flea markets sell leather, jewelry, footwear, clothes, furniture, accessories and many more items.
  • Buy a blochetto-travelling and transportation can be an expensive affair in Milan but buying a ten pack or a blochetto is a great way to save. This pack costs 13.80 euros and is a ticket pass which works on multiple transportation modes. There is also a 24 hour pass which is available for 4.50 euros.
  • Rather than visiting the ticketed attractions, it is better to visit the non-ticketed ones which include parks, museums, castles, and piazzas. These free attractions are also very interesting and will definitely let you immerse in the feeling of the city.
  • If you are a student, then an international student identity card or ISIC can work wonders for you. This card helps you get discounts on many things in Milan such as food, accommodation and transportation. There is another card called the International Youth Travel card which too is widely accepted and helps you save quite a bit.
  • If you are a senior then you are entitled to the senior discount at many places in Milan. But to get these discounts, you must carry your passport as an age proof. These discounts can be availed on transportation, food and attractions.
  • Accommodation is one thing that can leak your pockets in a big way. Thus it is a good idea to save on accommodation as well. Rather than choosing the highly priced resorts and hotels, you can book a hostel accommodation for yourself. These accommodations may not be as comfortable but definitely are many times cheaper than the other accommodations. Moreover, you can further save by booking much in advance.
  • By booking your flight tickets in advance, you can save a great deal of money on your trip to Milan. Look for cheap flights and try to avail any offers that may be up at that time.
  • You can also save on food by choosing to eat at popular fast food joints rather than spending on expensive restaurants and clubs. You can also pack a few things from home rather than spending on small eatables throughout the day.


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