The moment you step onto a massive cruise ship for your long awaited vacation,you won’t be able to keep yourself off from the temptation to try out the various cuisines from all over the world. The amazing buffets, the lovely snacks and the limitless desserts will just lead to a lot of overeating.

A cruise is thus one of the places where you will be drawn to food naturally, since there isn’t much else to do when you are restricted to a limited space. If you wish to avoid overeating on a cruise, then you can follow the given tips and suggestions:

tips to avoid overeating on a cruise

Keep yourself Busy with Other Activities

The first way to avoid overeating on the cruise is to keep yourself busy with the other activities. There is a lot to do on a cruise such as watching shows, swimming, taking Jacuzzi baths, watching the sea and many others. As much time as you will spend doing other things, your mind will be off from eating. The more your time is off from eating, the less will be the chance to overeat.

Eat Breakfast and Dinner in the Dining Room of the Ship

Since eating in the dining room is sit-down style, you will be able to resist the temptation to get up and take additional helpings. There are many courses, and dining this way allows you to control your portion size. This is a great way to avoid overeating and you must eat as many meals in this style as possible.

Request a Special Meal for Yourself

If you are on a diet and wish to avoid staying away from overeating, you can request a special meal or diet for yourself as long as you are on the cruise ship. Special diet includes low fat, low sodium and low carbohydrate food which will be healthy for you. This will help you avoid eating unnecessary calories. You can either make this request when you get on the ship or beforehand as well.

Limit the Beverage Intake

Another good way to avoid overeating is to limit the beverage intake. We don’t realize this but soft drinks and sodas also contribute to overall calories and thus lead to weight gain. Avoid having sugary drinks, alcohol, and juice and rather opt for water or coconut water if possible.

Don’t Overdo When Eating at a Buffet

At cruise ships, most meals are served in the form of buffet and it is at a buffet that you tend to overeat the most. But it is important to avoid over-doing it. Make sure that you limit the amount you serve yourself so that there is no pressure of finishing the plate. Find a smaller size plate if possible as this too is a good way to eat less.

Skip Untimely Meals

Avoid eating untimely meals or snacks on the cruise. Even if you are tempted to the chocolate cake, make sure you don’t go for it and rather divert your mind to something else.


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