Beach vacations are on everybody’s list and in the beginning of each year, travel companies do their best to discover new enticing destinations that will fit this profile. The usual culprits like the most visited islands of the world are chosen every year by a large number of people but let’s see what 2014 brings to the scene of exotic destinations travel.



This Central American destination is one of the most sought ones for US citizens. In 2014 the traveling to Belize got simpler because Delta joined the operators offering non-stop flight to Belize. You can depart from Houston, Miami, Dallas, Newark and Atlanta and arrive to one of the most popular exotic destinations for nature lovers.

A new beach was opened in the exclusive luxury resort called El Secreto which has individual waterfront villas with private pools.

Belize is famous for the enigmatic Blue Hole and for the largest coral reef in the Atlantic Ocean.

Turquoise waters and a large number of resorts within a very versatile price range make Belize one of the most craved destinations in 2014.

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia

This is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations and both US and Europe travelers chose this exotic resort in the previous years. In 2014 United Airlines offer non stop service operating flights from Newark to Hewanorra International Airport in Santa Lucia.

The Pitons Mountains are a UNESCO heritage site and in 2014 the tourists can enjoy the view of this site from a new opened beach. Sugar Beach faces the Pitons Bay and offers a site with amazing white sand. Here the tourists can try swimming, snorkeling and kayaking for a truly amazing island experience.



With the political and economic situation becoming more stable in Colombia, Cartagena comes in the view of the international travelers this year. This destination is famous for the Spanish inspired architecture and culture and many restaurants and bars opened recently to cater the arriving tourists.

Islas de Rosarion, an archipelago containing a National Colombian Park is situated only 30 miles from Cartagena. You can visit the site and enjoy pristine beaches but also experience snorkeling to see over 170 species of fish and over 50 coral varieties.

The tourists can see El Oceanario aquarium, and go for swimming expeditions on Isla Baru during trips organized from Cartagena on a daily basis. Playa Blanca offers the best white sand in the area.

This is the ideal destination for daring adventures with a love for natural beauty ready to be discovered.


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