If you’re a fan of the movies, especially comedies, you may have seen a few regarding the nightlife in Bangkok, such as the recent release of ‘The Hangover II,’ which focuses on the city’s wild side of life. However, while you can certainly let loose in Thailand’s capital city, there are dozens of spots that are business friendly and upscale.

With the country enjoying some of the warmest and most consistent weather on the planet, it’s just natural that residents and visitors like to cool themselves down with a refreshing drink at any time of the day or night.

In Thailand, and especially in Bangkok, people don’t need a reason to enjoy a drink or feel they have to wait until the weekend.

There are many different types of drinking establishments in the city and country and almost as many types of drinks. One of the favourites in Thailand is whiskey and soda and it’s not uncommon to see people take their own bottles to small, local-type bars, which are often referred to as kitchen tablediscos.

People sit around a small table and the whiskey is poured freely. The bars make their money on the soda or other mixes as well as the ice and on their corkage fee. Everybody’s happy with the arrangement and a good time is had by all.

Of course, there are many western-style pubs, bars, and nightclubs too, which are aimed at visitors and expatriates. Many of these offer a wide variety of drinks that feature some pretty unique flavours and ingredients such as lemongrass and lychee.

You can also combine these fancy refreshments with live music and one of the most popular places in Bangkok for music is Fat Gutz. This is a small, intimate establishment that features unique cocktails and live jazz.

If you’re travelling to Bangkok on business, you might find yourself in an upscale place called Club Perdomo Bangkok. This is a small, private club where patrons can enjoy an assortment of spirits, wines, whiskeys, beers, and cigars.

There’s also a good chance you’ll meet some pretty interesting people there too as many return visitors to Bangkok have memberships and spend some time there every time they’re in town.

And as with just about everywhere else in the world, you’ll always run into an Irish pub no matter where you are. Bangkok’s no different and you’ll find several good choices in the city if you’d like to sample the finest beers and ciders from around the world, including local ones.

Two of the most popular in Bangkok are The Dubliner, which is located on Sukhumwit Road, and Molly Malone’s, which is just off of Silom Road. You’ll find most of these Irish pubs feature live music, pub grub, Sunday roasts, pool tables, and several television sets for viewers to take in live sporting events.

If you’d like to enjoy the lovely weather and get a view of the exciting, hustling and bustling city, you can always try out a rooftop bar. One of the best in the city for the views is called Vertigo, which is located on the top of the Banyan Tree hotel. It might cost a bit more for a drink in a rooftop bar, but the fantastic views make it easier to swallow.

You’ll find that prices of drinks are more than reasonable in most establishments in Thailand, especiallyin outside of Bangkok. Happy hours are quite common and several hotels also offer free cocktails and snacks to their customers between certain hours of the day.


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