You can roam around all over the world and experience all varieties of thrill, but nothing could be as distinctive as a visit to a haunted place. Yes, you read it right—we are going to talk about ghostly places and why you should visit them.

While preparing your itinerary, you should definitely give a few haunted places a try. The whole experience will be new and spine-chilling, but we would advise you to travel with buddies and families to these places—because who knows, right?

5 Haunted places in the world to visit

Anyways, here, in this article, we are going to talk about five haunted places across the world you should visit:

1. The Princess Theatre, Australia

Much in contradiction with its name, the Princess Theatre is no place for a princess to live. It is a place haunted by Frederici, a ghost of course. Legends say that Frederick or Frederici, an Italian singer, died while performing in the year 1888, and ever since then, the place remains haunted.

Would you be willing to see Frederici perform?

2. The Bhanghar Fort, India

If you are hell-bent on experiencing a haunted place, then Bhaghar Fort is more than you asked for.

The Bhanghar fort is a remarkable concoction of history and folklore. Built in the year 1573, the fort is said to be a home of ghosts that loiter around in its corridors every night.

Legend says that the fort was cursed when a wizard was enamoured with the princess of Bhanghar. He tried to woo the lady with the help of magic and failed miserably, and he, being unable to accept rejection, cursed the entire town. He later was put to death, but his curse remains alive.

The scare among people can be easily felt—even the Archaeological Survey of India prohibits people from staying in the fort after dark.

3. Aokigahara, Japan

If it isn’t the Suicide Forest, then we wonder what could be called haunted. Officially the place where most suicides take place in the world, Japan’s Aokigahara forest has witnessed deaths of thousands of people.

Authorities have tried raising awareness against suicide and providing help to the distressed, but the number of suicides in the forest seems to show no sign of stopping.

Naturally, there are many ghostly accounts narrated by a number of people who believe that the place is haunted by those who had committed suicide there. What adds to the eerie feeling are leftovers of the dead—their shoes, tents, dolls and whatnot. Scary.

4. The Hell Fire Club, Ireland

On Montpelier Hill, the Hell FireClub functioned. It was founded as a hunting lodge in the year 1725, and apparently became a congregational place for a group of Dublin elites who engaged in devil worship and debauchery.

Several tales have emerged such as the ones about animal sacrifices, cloven-hoofed men, black masses and whatnot.

5. Raynham Hall, United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has many haunted places such as the infamous Tower of London, but they are too mainstream. We are going to talk about Raynham Hall, which is as scary as any other haunted place you could think of.

The legend talks about the Brown Lady, believed to be the apparition of Lady Dorothy Walpole who allegedly was romantically involved with Lord Wharton, a local lord. Her husband found out about the affair and he locked her up in their house at Raynham Hall. She died and became a ghost—as simple as that.

The legend may be hackneyed, but many visitors claim that it is not untrue. Well, who knows?


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