As the earth’s most revered awesome sights are increasingly falling prey to global warming and untrammeled development, the most beautiful and awe-inspiring destinations are at risk of disappearing.

the glaciers

The climate change and human encroachment are chopping many of the world’s special wonders without a doubt.

Therefore, it would be better for you to cover all those amazing places as soon as possible. There are thousands of places in the world that are endangered, which have rapid development like building roads or hotels to deal with an influx of tourists. Few of them are listed here.

The Glaciers of Europe!

From Alaska to Greenland and to New Zealand, the glaciers worldwide are diminishing at an alarming pace. In Switzerland, you can particularly notice the change since many of the beautiful fields of ice are now popular hotels and resort areas.

So get yourself to Chamonix, France, near borders with Italy and Switzerland. Beyond the appeal of glaciers, serious skiers can have lots of excitement in Chamonix, with plenty of off-piste terrain.

Amazon Rain Forest!

Covering more than half of the Brazil, Amazon represents half of the remaining rainforest in the world. It is popularly known as “the lungs of our planet”, which pump almost 20% of world’s oxygen into the atmosphere.

However, deforestation, human explosion and global warming are threatening to mute the breaths of ecological necessity. So, try to visit this place to have great fun. It is the home for most diverse and abundant collection of plant and animal life.

Central America’s Cloud Forest!

Montverde cloud forest at Costa Rica is a huge jungle straddling the Continental divide. It is a home for astonishing number of species, which includes 30 kinds of humming birds and 420 types of orchids.

Already many species of frogs have disappeared, which includes Montverde harlequin frog. Even, the clouds, which provide life-sustaining moisture to the forest, are reportedly dispersing due to deforestation.

So, before it becomes too late, get yourself to Montverde cloud forest at Costa Rica and enjoy the best view of scenery.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro!

Kilimanjaro is only one of the 7 highest peaks in the world. The snows of Kilimanjaro are rapidly disappearing and once again, global warming is considered as one of the main culprits. So, try to visit this place and enjoy the trek at Kilimanjaro.

Apart from these, there are many places in the world like Great Barrier Reef at Queensland, Australia, Florida [Florida vacation] Everglades at South Florida, etc. that are considered as most endangered places. So, don’t miss these endangered awesome sight seeing places in your life.


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