India has always been a country to visit, but this time we are suggesting you to consider one very special part of India, known as mysterious and secretive.

The Irula community located in the South India is popular with its unusual ability. In case you are seeking adrenalin in your trips and journeys, simply go and visit the Irula, where you will be probably taught to catch and tame snakes.

The practices of the snake catchers and charmers are one of the oldest Indian customs. The community is also praised for their spectacular life style and outfits. The charmers of the most poisonous snakes in the world are wearing colorful turbans and their life style is totally devoted to finding the perfect snake.

Usually this community leads a nomadic life style and always carries dangerous and deadly snakes in their bamboo baskets. In the evening they simply sit down and start their tremendous melody, which mesmerizes the snakes. The extremely dangerous cobras are like puppies following the melody of their charmers.

According to the research snake cannot hear music, but whatever makes them enchanted by this melody is known only by this community. There are already tours following the life and the experience of the Indian Irula snake charmers.


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