San Francisco is a city, where you can see all kind of attractions, but the bespoke pearl of the city is the Golden Gate Bridge. Often tourists just go, observe the bridge and turn around. The surprise is that the Golden Bridge is offering a lot to be seen from its other side.

golden gate bridge

Once you cross the bridge, you will actually go into Golden Gate Park National Recreation Area, close to Mount Tam. There the nature is just amazing and it doesn’t look as if you are near to popular city.

golden gate park

There you have a lot to experience – rocky ocean cliffs, rolling hills, spectacular views.  The park offers sports opportunities, hiking, biking and lovely coffee shops and restaurants.

cavallo point lodge

Once you cross the 1.7-mile bridge, you can go past Horseshoe Bay to the Cavallo Point Lodge spa. Here is located the spa heart of San Francisco as the spa center is offering all kind of procedures for your relaxation and health. You can visit the local restaurants and turn back home by boat at the Sausalito Ferry.


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