Budget travel is not simply done—there are so many factors involved, and if you fail to consider any of them, then your budget travel may turn out to be an expensive affair. Such expenses will all the more be worrying to students, who are usually packed with a tight budget.

Student budget travel is in vogue, but in order to be a part of this world, you must keep in mind a few tips that we are going to list down in this article. Once you are well acquainted with these tips, you are ready to travel.

6 Budget Travel Tips for Students

Here are six budget travel tips for students:

  1. The selection of the destination

The success of your budget travel will depend primarily on the choice of destination. Choose wisely the destination to get a more realistic idea of the approximate traveling cost such as transportation, lodgings, etc.

It is recommended that you shortlist a couple of destinations, and do a thorough comparative research to get a better analysis.

  1. Save the accommodation cost—Volunteer

One of the most brilliant innovations in the area of budget accommodation is volunteering. Among the easiest ways to have a lot of traveling cost, volunteering or staying with a native for free is at the top.

You can get to know of such volunteering from various online databases. There are a plethora of forums that invite people from across the globe to volunteer, and all you need to do is spend some time on the Internet.

  1. Plan ahead

If you are traveling by air or train, you should know the tricky business of fluctuating prices. Thus, it becomes important to plan ahead.

We strongly recommend not to sit around until the last moment to book tickets—it will, in all likelihood, cost you more than expected.

There are a number of Apps that send regular alerts about flights and trains and the price fluctuations. Download them and involve them in your budget planning.

  1. The Transportation

Yes, if it is not transportation, then we wonder what really consumes most of our budget during travel. It is necessary to meticulously research on available public transportation in the place you are visiting.

Since you are on a tight budget, always prefer taxi-pooling or other forms of transportation functional on sharing basis. Such an approach will markedly save your money from disappearing without you knowing.

  1. Student discounts

Oh, students love the free discounts they get wherever they go—these discounts make them feel privileged. Well, it is high time you made use of this privilege for real.

Student cards allow students to avail discounts at select places in about 133 countries across the globe. From discounts on air fare to dining discounts, student cards work like magic.

You can make use of the University ID card, but there is no guarantee, and thus, it is recommended you get the standard International Student Identity Card.

  1. Free stopovers

It is always exciting to get stopovers at amazing places. So, why not plan in the way you get some. Instead of hurrying to catch the next flight, go out and experience the city for some time before heading to your final best ideal destination.


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