women travelerWhether traveling with a group of women or just wandering solo, more and more women are discovering the joys of relinquishing all of their responsibilities, however brief, to set off on a journey of self-discovery traveling to far-away lands and exotic locales.

Some women like to tour with other women, sharing and enjoying each other’s camaraderie while others prefer to go it alone.

Either way, they all share the same objective and that is to shed their inhibitions to pursue a path of independence and adventure.

There are many reasons why women are leaving their family/friends at home to travel on their own.

First and foremost, women spend so much time and energy in taking care of other people in their lives that every once in awhile, peeling off the maternal exterior to proclaim their wild and free inner self can be a life-saving endeavor.

Traveling outside of the family also allows women travelers to visit places and participate in activities that the family as a whole might not have been interested in doing otherwise.

Women tend to appreciate other lifestyles and culture more than men and children and by not being constrained to the family unit; women can immerse themselves in other cultures.

Additionally, a large benefit of traveling with a group of women is the comradeship that can develop between the members of the group.

Traveling with like minded adventurers is a magnificent way to explore new lands. Women can share and teach each other travel tips; shop together at the local discount mall for bargains; or go antiquing in out of the way places.

Whatever the case may be, traveling with other women can be a unique and fulfilling experience that cannot be had with anybody else.


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