When your kids are all set to travel on an exciting holiday, you could hamper their happiness if your plan isn’t right or has a missing element. Here’s a list of tips which could help you to give your children a great travel experience.

Pack Less

Well, you have a lot more to handle besides your luggage! Your kids are your first priority to carry (incase of infants) so carry lesser or lighter bags. While you pack, stuff in only those things which you would really use on the trip. And pack your child’s stuff into another bag so that it gets easier to search things during an emergency. Your child’s luggage would certainly include many set of clothes, medication, food, toys, shoes and all his favourite things. You can’t afford to miss out on what your child needs, thus make a packing list before you fly.

Before you leave

Make sure you don’t leave any of your work pending. Pay off all your bills, consult the doctor about your children’s diet and medication, clear your doubts with your travel agency, register with an international calling company and last but not the least make time to say goodbye to your loved ones before you leave home.


Once you reach, it would be tough to find a hotel room if you haven’t done a prior book, especially if the place is a holiday spot. So plan your hotel well in advance with your travel agent. Check for it as per your budget and something in the heart of the city so that you can explore around easily. Remember to carry mosquito nets for baby beds as most hotels don’t provide you with the same.

Keep in touch

Once you have arrived with your kids, your family and friends would be concerned about you. Get in touch and give them an assurance that you are safe and so is your child. You should obviously have a international calling service that could help you to make free calls.

Activity list

Before you go, prepare a list of possible activities depending on the climate and length of time you have in the new place. Accordingly, take your kids to interesting places such as zoos, museums, entertainment zones etc. Don’t miss out the excitement and fun at amusement parks and gaming centers. Don’t bore them by shopping all day long or just sitting in your room. And yes, do carry their story books and board games to enjoy the same at night hours.

 Food and Water

When eating in countries, always eat at busy places where the turnover of food will be fast. Else a healthy option could be, let your kids have packed food or take them to eat-outs which are immensely hygienic. Don’t take a chance when it comes to drinking water. Let your kids have bottled or boiled water only.


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