The tourist can be identified as the person who is keenly interested in walk with right moves, mobling around the popular destination of a particular place and capture the pictures in the camera rather than in the mind and heart.

On the contrary to be a traveller you need to plunge with your soul into a different culture and the societal aspects of that particular place. While transforming yourself from tourist to a traveller you may guide yourself with the subsequent methods.

tips to be a travellerAct Spontaneously

To be traveller never plan for your day. Try to make yourself flexible as much as possible to roam around. Never fasten your destiny with popular destinations. Whereas open up your mind and heart to visit those places of a particular area, where you will be able to get the smell and taste of colloquial people to realize the culture.

Do not Concentrate your Travelling with Time

To be a traveller rather than a tourist you must not concentrate your journey with time. Never squeeze in every highlighted spots within a time frame. Besides the tourist spots and local sightseeing, every country be it a small one or large have much more to offer you.

Interaction with Local People

Interacting with colloquial people with fetch you close towards the ground of any tourist spot and will assist you to be a traveller. Especially when you are travelling through local transportations, elderly persons can be good source for understanding any particular culture of a country or a city that you have visited.

Availing Public Transportations

Try to avail public transportation instead of hiring any cab. These will facilitate you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the daily life of the local people as well as it will open up the path to visit those places which you may not be guided with your guiding book or personal guide.

Opt for Less Travelled Pathways

Opt to visit those places which may not be guided in your guiding books. To be a traveller you must avoid confining yourself in the rooms of 5 star hotels comprising of fridge, air conditioner or all tome room services. Rather than staying in a house of local people would be beneficial to fulfil your purpose.

Hence it can be concluded that to be a traveller you must connect yourself with the social, cultural life of that place which you have visited instead of prioritizing to show the snaps of all famous places to your closed ones.


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