Do you like fishing adventures? As the temperature falls, it’s the time for ice fishing adventure.

A perfect fishing vacation can drop all your weary winter season and most people love to adventure nature’s wonderful spots for fishing.

There are many vacation spots that offer fishing adventure for you. So, if you are looking for best fishing adventure spot, Canada is marvelous place.

There are lots of vacation spots in Canada that offers tremendous fishing opportunities. Here are few of those.

Strawberry hill resort

Strawberry hill resort offers you best accommodations and numerous fishing options. You’ll love to find yourself busy in fishing at Lower Humber River pools present in front of the resort.

If you are new to this particular place, it would be better for you to join a fishing group to explore other best locations around for fishing.

King Pacific Lodge

This particular luxurious lodge offers wonderful waterfall views with rain forest. You can enjoy fishing pink salmon and Coho salt water fly fishing at King Pacific Lodge.

Lake Obabika lodge

If you want to enjoy fishing vacation with full of luxury, you can go for Lake Obabika lodge located on Pristine lake in northern Ontario. The lodge looks like a European resort and you can enjoy plenty of fishing opportunities and wine tasting weekend at this particular lodge.


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