1. Krakow – Old Tradition

The old traditions in Krakow are something fascinating. The old square of the town is the place, where thousands of people gather together to celebrate Christmas with songs and prayers for better days.

Wine, great Christmas trees and music are just part of a festive Krakow, which remains one of the best places to spend your winter vacation.

2. Edinburgh – The Fun Is In The Public Fair

In case you want to celebrate Christmas in an unusual way, Edinburgh is the right town for you. At Christmas the town turns into a hot place, filled with crowds, bazaars, tournaments and parties. Edinburgh’s Christmas tradition is also about concerts, free drinks and food, in order to create a festive atmosphere.

3. Copenhagen – Sweet Christmas Memories

A lot of snow and a fairytale landscape: these are the two sure things, which you will see if you choose to spend Christmas in Copenhagen. Denmark has always been the right place for such a celebration: wonderful Christmas trees, lightening and spectacular parades.

The land of the snow as Denmark is often called is also famous for its good food and museums. For instance, Copenhagen is one of the few places in the world, where the museums and the galleries are opened during Christmas and New Year.

4. Sicily – The Christmas With A Scent Or Orange Peel

The good old Sicily is perhaps one of the most romantic places to spend Christmas and New Year. The local traditions are well kept and you will be surprised to find out that Sicily is actually the best of Italy, when it comes to celebrating Christmas.

Taormina and Calabria are must have in your Sicily journey, because these two places have a special surprise for anyone: Christmas parade and ball.

5. Mexico – The Top Of The Fun

Mexico is surely a destination that is truly different for spending Christmas, but that is actually the charm of it. Christmas is the right time to see Mexico with a very different look- truly religious, the Mexicans follow strictly the Christmas tradition.

Faith is one of those things that will always amaze the crowds in Mexico. Food and wine are all over the streets as people gather together to celebrate New Year with a new hope. Therefore, Mexico is the best place to experience Christmas and New Year in a different way.


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