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10 of the World’s Best Oceanariums

Most people of all ages love to explore the planet’s diverse variety of marine life and what better way to do it then visit some of the top oceanariums on the globe. These are some of the most popular sites to get a good look at the world’s sea life. (photo by http2007) 1. Seaworld, San Diego, USA There are […]

Whistler, British Columbia

Top 10 Autumn Destinations in Canada

Canada is well known for its beautiful countryside and landscapes. One of the best times to visit is in the fall when the leaves on the trees start to change colors. The sight is something to behold and in many areas it’s simply breathtaking. These are some of the top locations to visit in Canada […]

10 of the World’s Best Oktoberfest Events

Oktoberfest is typically associated with Germany. However, there are plenty of other wonderful festivals held in other areas of the world. They all feature German traditions, such as beer, food, music, culture, and entertainment. These are some of the topOktoberfest destinations on the globe. (photo by stevenm_61) 1. Munich, Germany When it comes to Oktoberfest, the Munich event is […]

9 of Canada’s Most Scenic Highway Routes

With a country as large as Canada, it’s sometimes a necessity to do some of your sightseeing as you’re travelling. One of the best ways to see some amazing scenery is by car and these are some of the most scenic routes to take. 1. Yellowhead Highway, Manitoba ( Photo Credit: padraics_travels) Canada’s Highway 16 is well known as the Yellowhead […]

10 of Canada’s Top Fall Fairs and Festivals

Canada is well known for its wide variety of fall fairs. They take place across the country each year and feature a diverse range of activities and exhibits. These are some of the best in the nation. ( Photo Credit: elpadawan) 1. Kitchener – Waterloo, Ontario, Oktoberfest This annual fall event is actually the largest Oktoberfest celebration in […]

Top 10 Fun and Educational Destinations in Canada

If you’d like to take the kids out for the day, but don’t really want to spend it in a theme park; there are several other locations in Canada they will enjoy. These are some of the best destinations forthem to have fun and do a little bit of learning as well. 1. Toronto, Ontario, the […]

10 of the World’s Best Destinations for Whale Watching

Spotting a whale in a marine park and out in its natural habitat are quite different. It’s an amazing thing to see these huge creatures frolicking around in their natural habitat.These are some of the best locations in the world to spot whales enjoying themselves and entertaining us humans. 1. South Africa: The Whale Route (photo credit: markturner) The best season for whale watching on […]

13 of the World’s Best Aquariums

13 of the World’s Best Aquariums

Not everybody has the chance to visit the world’s coastal areas to enjoy the amazing marine life that the planet has to offer. However, you may get the chance to check out some of the fantastic creatures at some of the world’s most interesting aquariums. These are some of the best you can visit. 1. […]

15 of the World’s Greatest Lakes

The world is made up of about 71 per cent water, which means there are an endlessvariety of lakes, rivers, oceans, and seas to visit across this great planet. These are some of largest and most fascinating lakes in the glove to visit. 1. Lake Tanganyika, Africa (photo by chiefmoamba) This African lake is located in the nations of Congo, Zambia, […]