Want to explore Saudi Arabia? You should know certain strict rules followed there before going for a trip. People are very modern but they still are very religious and traditional. They have made some strict rules and ban which starts from alcohol and goes on till female drivers.

6 Things You Can't do In Saudi Arabia

1. Female Drivers

In past few years, Saudi Arabian women have got some freedom but the country is still strict on certain things like what women can wear, do, etc.

Women don’t have the freedom to drive. Fora woman, driving in Saudi Arabia is not against the law but still few religious leaders have banned it. The reason given by them is the safety of women.

2. Pork

Saudi Arabia’s constitution and laws are mainly based on the religious book Quran so; the laws are very strict there. In Quran, eating pork is a sin. So you might not find itanywhere in Saudi Arabia.

You can not satisfy your desire for pork. It is totally banned and selling and importing of pork is strictly prohibited.

3. Alcohol

Before travelling to Saudi Arabia you should have knowledge that alcohol is strictly banned there. You cannot consume alcohol there. It is a very strict Muslim country and so drinking and selling of alcohol is forbidden.

You will be arrested if they even find you a lit bit mellow. This reason is quite enough for you to get yourself arrested. Still you can find a black market in Saudi Arabia where you can get alcohol. Enjoy yourself without being caught.

4. Porn

Watching porn is illegal in Saudi Arabia. Generally, you can buy it from the stores or even watch online but in Saudi Arabia you should not enter porn or any other adult content on your electronic devices or phone.

Porn is completely banned and if you get caught, you will find yourself with the religious police in the hot water. Even if you have images of poorly dressed women, then also you might face trouble.

5. Socialization

In Saudi Arabia, if you try to socialize with people, you might get caught by the police as socialization is banned there. In any of the social events, you will find men and women standing in different rows to avoid trouble.

If the religious police catches you socializing they might charge you with charges like prostitution too. You can understand the situation as in McDonalds too; the line for men and women is separated.

6. Movie Halls

If you are planning to watch a movie in any place in Saudi Arabia, then let me tell you it is the worst idea. Watching movie in theatres is totally banned in Saudi Arabia. So, just to watch a movie you need to go to some other country.

The reason for this is that the authority thinks theatres to be a breeding ground for men and women. They will do all sorts of immoral actions as the light gets dimmed.

So these are the few things that you can’t do in Saudi Arabia. If you have anything else to add then you can surely comment below.


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