– Don’t miss out on these beautiful places when you plan Italy Vacation!

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful and romantic country of Italy chances are you are intending to visit the typical tourist traps such as Venice, Rome, Florence and maybe Milan. Not to insinuate you shouldn’t fit these places into your itinerary; there are just a few other places we would highly recommend you see as well.

The places we recommend for Italy vacation are a bit ‘off the beaten path’ and more locally-frequented places. We will break this down into two trip possibilities; if you have five days in Italy and if you have ten days in Italy.

If you have five days in Italy this is what we would recommend:

Fly to Milan and begin your Italy vacation there. You will want to rent a car and word to the wise – Italians drive very fast and their cars are very, very small! Now, be aware that Italy is divided into regions, provinces and municipalities.

Milan is in the region of Lombardy and on your five-day trip to Italy we will take you to two other regions –Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.


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Drive from Milan directly to a little village in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia called Trieste. Why are we having you drive cross-country to a little Italian village no one has heard of? Trieste is probably the most beautiful unknown place that Italy has to offer. There is little tourism there which means you will get to see how true Italians live from the locals’ perspective.

Trieste is on the seafront as well as next to two other countries; Austria and Slovenia. So this means you will not only be exposed to the Italian culture but also the Austrian and Slovenian cultures. If you choose to, you could take a day trip to one or both of them.

While in Trieste you will also want to see the Miramare Castle, the Castle of San Giusto, the Trieste seafront and the Cathedral of San Giusto. Also, if you are a downhill skier or an avid fan of beauty, nature and quite possibly the mountains you may very well want to take a day trip to the Italian Alps.


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This will complete your first two days in Italy vacation; the first day drive from Milan to Trieste. On day one, choose from the options we have given you and on day 2 choose from the options as well, however we will have you drive to your next destination the evening of the second day.

Your second stop in this beautiful and romantic country is going to be Venice which is in the Italian region of Veneto. Be aware that Venice is very expensive, quite possibly one of the most expensive tourist traps in Italy.

Expect to pay nearly 300 American dollars for one night at a hotel with a view of the canal which is the only way to stay in Venice. Most people speak English in Venice and are quite used to tourists. Be cognizant though that some of these people do call this city their home.

Venice and Milan

( photo by Thomas Frejek )

There are so many things to do in Venice you could literally be here for a week and not touch the surface of the attractions and things you want to do. You will be tired so get a good night’s sleep and be ready for a full third day in Venice!

Stay in Venice again the 3rd night and wake up early the 4th day and drive back to Milan. The cost of a hotel in Venice and Milan is very comparable and it would be better to utilize an entire full day in Venice. Go out for dinner and have some cocktails as well! You will stay in Milan the 4th night and catch your flight the following day, the 5th day.

Milan is a beautiful and historical city that has so much to offer by way of tourism, arts, culture and entertainment. Depending upon what your interests are you are sure to find activities to keep you busy all day. However, definitely take yourself out for dinner to experience the luxury and class of Milan.

Now you are in the same region as your flight so you will head to the airport on day five.

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If you have ten days in Italy this is what we would recommend:

What would we recommend you to do with some extra time if you are financially able to elongate your Italy vacation to possibly ten days? Fly into Milan, rent a car and drive to Trieste.

We recommend staying in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and more specifically, Trieste, for up to three days. Take one day to spend with the locals and seeing the local sights that we mentioned in our five-day trip planner. Spend a day in either Slovenia or Austria.

Italian Alps

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Depending upon the season, Austria may be much more beautiful but maybe you have Slovenian relatives and want to see a part of your past, then head to Slovenia for a day! On the third day we recommend the Italian Alps.

Ski them, just once if you can. Otherwise, walk around the base of the mountain and take in the beauty of the surrounding marvels and nature.

drive to Venice

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You have spent three full days in Trieste and we now recommend staying the night in Trieste and leaving early on the 4th day to drive to Venice. You can get accommodations for under 100 American dollars in Trieste and it would be best to drive into Venice in the daylight to catch the beauty.

On day four you have driven into Venice and will have the entire afternoon. Walk around the canals and just take everything in; maybe decide where you will want to spend more time.

St. Mark’s Campanile

( photo by andertho )

Spend day five at the historic, cultural and breathtaking Piazza San Marco including St. Mark’s Campanile and the gorgeous Basilica. You will stay in Venice for day six and wake up on day seven to drive to Milan. You will spend the latter half of day seven familiarizing yourself with Milan and determining what you would like to see in your next two days.

Regardless of how many days you intend to spend Italy vacation or where you will land once you are there, you are sure to enjoy the country, the people, the food and the culture.

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