Travelling can be a lot of fun, very exciting and full of new experiences. But the fun and excitement multiples if you are travelling with a group! Yes, group travels are always a great way to explore the world and share the sights of the wonderful new lands with other travel enthusiasts.

Thousands of group tours and travels are organized all across the world everyday and the reason for their popularity is that people love travelling in groups. But inspite of this fact, there are some common mistakes which people make during group travels that can totally ruin the experience. The following is a list of the top 7 mistakes people make while travelling in groups:

mistakes people make during group travel1. Not Making Bookings Ahead

Making bookings ahead of the travel dates is a good idea for group travelers. But not doing so can land groups in trouble. Often, it is difficult to find hotels and train tickets for group travelers due to non-availability of space. Hence it is better to book in advance to remain tension free during the trip.

2. Not Assigning a Group Head

Another common mistake which people make when travelling in groups is not assigning someone the role of the group leader or head. There must always be someone who keeps the group together, keeps them informed of travelling details and represents them at hotels and other attractions. Not assigning a head can create a lot of confusion and difficulty.

3. Not Setting Strict Timings

A group tour or trip should have strict timings as far as breakfast, lunch, dinner, assembling at one point etc. is concerned.  Without setting these timings, it can be very difficult to manage a group and ensure that everything goes as planned.

4. Not Making and Handing Over Itineraries

Another common mistake associated with group travels is that people often take making and distributing itineraries very casually.  Itineraries are important to keep people informed about what follows next and must be made carefully.

5. Making it all too Busy

Often, group tours are made very hectic in order to fit the maximum attractions of a place together. But this can be very difficult to achieve since groups tend to move slower as compared to couples or solo travelers. Hence, there must always be enough breathing time for the trip to be a little flexible.

6. Not Assigning Responsibilities

While it is true that there should be only one able group leader, distributing a few responsibilities isn’t such a bad idea. Infact not doing so can be a pretty big mistake during group travels.  So make sure when you go out for your next group travel, make sure you dedicate responsibilities to a few people who are willing to take them.

7. Forgetting to have Fun

Group tour should always be fun. But many people forget that and only concentrate on seeing the maximum places on the trip. Not making room for a game here and a fun session there can make a group tour really dull and boring.


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