Every four years summer travel can take on a slightly different mood, as much of the world tunes in for the Olympic Games. Granted, not everyone pays attention, but there are few events that bring the world together like this, and it can have the effect of making time seem to stand still for a few weeks. This can make an Olympic summer feel like a break from everyday life even if you don’t travel – but it also makes for a great time to take that big international trip you’ve been putting off.

Naturally, one thing that will come to mind if you’re planning this kind of getaway is attending the actual Olympic Games. For 2020, that means a trip to Tokyo or the surrounding area, where Japan is gearing up to put on a show for the world. If the ticket and accommodation prices and crowds just seem like a little much though, or if it’s just getting too late to make plans, we’ve put together a list of some more excellent places to spend some time during the 2020 Olympics.

1. Australia

The fact that the summer Olympics fall during Australia’s winter season is worth keeping in mind for two reasons: it makes traveling there cheaper, and it’s still not too cold, with temperatures in much of the country only dropping to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you’ll be able to enjoy many of the natural attractions people visit Australia for in the first place, but spend a little less than you would by visiting during peak tourist season.


As far as the Olympics are concerned, there will be no shortage of opportunities to watch the Games in between your various explorations of the country and its limitless activities. Australia loves its sports, generally, and may be particularly drawn to the 2020 Games. We’ve mentioned surfing events in previous recommendations for visiting this country, and indeed Australia may love its surfing more than any other country in the world. With the beloved sport newly in place for Olympic competition in 2020, Australia will be hoping to make a mark. Numerous Aussie athletes on the men’s and women’s side have qualified and will be vying for medals (with Australia also expected to be competitive in numerous other sports).

2. Thailand

Thailand is a breathtaking place to spend some time during any summer, and provides a perfect setting for Olympic viewing: You can go scuba diving one morning before watching sports all afternoon, or simply duck out for a platter of world-renowned street food in between events. But Thai sports fans may also be taking extra interest in the Olympics these days.


For one thing, their beloved Muay Thai is being considered for Olympic inclusion in the near future (though not yet in 2020). For another though, the very strong women’s national football team has a good chance to qualify – and even if it doesn’t, Thais should be engaged with Olympic football. They have strong interest in international football stars, and no deposit bonus setups for football wagering online also represent one of the only legal betting opportunities for Thai sports fans, allowing them to do some strategic gambling on the beloved sport. Add it all up and you have a beautiful destination, your pick of sports to watch, and a country that should be particularly interested in certain aspects of the Olympics.

3. United States

The U.S. is likely to be as interested in the Olympics as any other nation, given its collection of high-profile athletes who will be taking center stage. Simone Biles, who recently became the most decorated gymnast in history, will be one of the true headliners of the Games; Katie Ledecky will be a common pick to dominate the women’s swimming events; and the American men’s basketball team will be on a mission after a disappointing showing at the FIBA World Cup this past summer.

United states

These and other Olympians will make the American team the likely favorite for the highest medal count, and you can rest assured it won’t be difficult to watch the Games no matter where you’re visiting specifically (even if coverage on networks like ESPN will skew to favor U.S. athletes). This leaves you with all sorts of fun options. You can visit a luxury ski resort town like Aspen, which turns into a gorgeous hiking destination in the summer; you could rent a beach house on the East Coast, splitting your time between laying out on the sand and watching the Games; or you could use the time to visit a major city, where you’ll be able to watch the Games out in public alongside other enthusiasts.

4. Great Britain

Not unlike the U.S., Britain will make for a fun place to spend the 2020 Olympics because there’s a great deal of national interest in a number of different sports, and the local athletes are expected to be competitive. Britain has been among the top medal-winning countries in Europe in the last few Olympics, and will be looking to continue the trend across numerous sports (with boxing, equestrian, rowing, and sailing being some of Britain’s best).

Great brtain

Summer can also be a good time to be in Britain in general, with relatively mild temperatures (usually no higher than 90 or so Fahrenheit in the warmest areas) allowing for full exploration of the country. That means you can stay in the beautiful Lake District if you like, hiking or kayaking when you’re not watching the Games, or you can make yourself comfortable in one of the charming coastal towns along the country’s underrated beaches.

If you can’t make it to Japan for the 2020 Summer Olympics, you can still treat them as a fun occasion to travel. And the truth is there are many places in the world where you can enjoy yourself, watch the Games at your own pace, and enjoy some of the local perspective on the action. But the four suggestions above should be considered as particularly fun Olympic getaway when you set about planning your 2020 vacations.


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