Most Amazing Lakes

The most beautiful lakes of the world have different origins. Some of them are as old as the Earth, some of them are home to the most extraordinary animals and birds and some have them saw their beauty altered by the human civilization.

All of them are beautiful and it is hard to pick a favorite. Here are 25 of the most spectacular lakes of the world.

1.Turkana Lake, Ethiopia, Kenya

turkana lake( Photo by Yannick Garcin )

Strangely positioned in the Great valley of Kenyan Rift, Turkana Lake is the 4th largest alkaline still water formation in the world. Extremely picturesque because of the central island that releases vapors because of the evaporation process, the former Lake Rudolf is home to a very rich salt water life contrasting with the deserted volcanic soil of its shores.

2. Toba Lake, Indonesia

toba lake( Photo by Mas Tok )

The largest volcanic lake in the world is suppose to be the home of a legendary  volcanic eruption that drastically influenced the human genetics from 70 thousands of years ago because of the huge climate change it caused. The Northern Sumatran caldera is a very beautiful site especially because of this lake.

3. Tahoe Lake, (USA)

tahoe lake( Photo by ~ K ! M ~ )

Lake Tahoe is the largest fresh water lake in North America and the home to a powerful ecosystem. Placed in the middle of a tall mountain fortress and the home to some of the most famous American resorts, this wonderful piece of sapphire stone is surely a sight worthy of a memory.

4. Baikal Lake, Russian Federation

baikal lake( Photo by rasenkantenstein )

The largest and the oldest glacier lake in the world , this “Pearl of Siberia” is the owner of an amazing rift valley filled with unbelievable views and true proof that natural beauty can be both wild and breath taking. Because of its size it is worthy of the name “Northern Sea” the ancient Chinese texts have given it.

5. Ohrid Lake, Albania, Macedonia

ohrid lake( Photo by Ognen Bojkovski )

The deepest lake of the Balkan Mountains is an UNESCO asset because of its unique ecosystem that makes it a treasure of the world. Placed at the border between Albania and Macedonia the lake is truly an amazing place to visit.

6. Biwa Lake (Biwa-ko)

biwa lake( Photo by Martin Tenbones )

The largest fresh water lake in Japan this is the place where beauty, tradition and cosmopolite development created an amazing place to visit. This lake inspired poetry in the Japanese literature, was mentioned in the Japanese history as a place where important history events happened and it is a distinctive part of the Japanese culture.

7. Teshekpuk Lake, United States of America

teshekpuk lake( Photo by The Wilderness Society )

A beautiful display of blue fresh waters, this lake unfortunately was contaminated with sea water because of the erosion or the soil caused by melting Arctic Ice. This home of the most varied Arctic ecosystem is endangered because of the global warming. Still it is so beautiful that you will have to see it at least once in a life time.

8. Atitlan Lake, Lago Guatemala

atitlan lake( Photo by FherR )

The deepest lake in South America is resting in the lap of three different volcanoes. Blue and clear, a mirror of the sky, cradled in the Guatemala highlands, this is perhaps one of the most picturesque hiking places in the world especially because the area all around it is a Guatemala national park.

9. Malawi Lake, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania

malawi lake( Photo by Krieger Conradt )

A Tanzania paradise of unbelievable beauty, and a piece of Eden for all the snorkeling fans of the world , this lake is in the UNESCO treasure box and because it is the home of an extraordinary number of cichlid fish species some unique in the world, this lake makes visiting it a lifetime experience. Too bad it is under dispute between Malawi and Mozambique.

10. Titicaca, Bolivia, Peru

titicaca( Photo by Julia Manzerova )

With a rich history and a plethora of legends that surround its existence Titicaca Lake is the largest lake of the South American continent and the largest of the high altitude lakes in the world. Due to its amazingly large surface it is also the lake with the highest commercial role on the planet.

Isla de Sol is closer to the Bolivian Border of the lake and it contains important vestiges of Inca civilization. Isla de Luna slightly smaller is surrounded by many ancient legends.

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11. Lake Michigan, United States of America

lake michigan( Photo by Indy Kethdy )

One of the North America Great Lakes, Michigan is known for its cosmopolite shores and extraordinary beaches famous for their beauty all over the world. With cities like Chicago nested on its shore and the geographical position it has, this great lake is surely a cradle of the modern civilization.

12.Boiling Lake, Dominica

boiling lake( Photo by jessenme )

A volcanic water formation resulted from an active volcano meeting a rich in sulfur water spring which caused a powerful fizzy effect, responsible for the way this picturesque lake attracts tourists. All around this lake there are tourist resorts getting people close to this spectacular natural beauty.

13. Tana Lake, Ethiopia

tana lake( Photo by Deirdre Snook )

Ethiopia is the home of Tana Lake, the source of the Blue Nile and the largest water formation from Ethiopia. With a large number of islands spread all over its surface conditioned by the rate the lake waters grow or decrease.

The larger islands are home to religious monasteries dating from ancient religious times and holding the tombs of ancient Ethiopian Emperors and many archeological treasures.

14. Taal Lake, Philippines

taal lake( Photo by b_macd )

Very spectacular due to its unique display of water-inside-island-inside-water, this amazing freshwater caldera is not only the third as size in Philippines but also a very large display of natural beauty. The lake harbors a volcanic island which holds inside another lake.

15. Sevan Lake, Armenia

sevan lake( Photo by Vahancho )

One of the three seas of Armenia stretching over the Armenian territory the Sevan Lake is the only one completely on the Armenian land. Although the Soviet ruling of the country dramatically changed the lake and its ecology, this one remains one of the few largest high altitude natural lakes of the world.

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16. Natron Lake, Kenya, Tanzania

natron lake( Photo by meetaustria )

This lake is a bird paradise and cradle to the pink flamingo nesting grounds because of its safe position and auspicious conditions. The lake is a rather narrow and very rich in mineral salty waters pretty unique because of the fauna so specific for the area.

17.Lake Superior, Canada, United States of America

lake superior( Photo by FlappinMothra )

The largest of the five Great lakes in America and the largest fresh water gathering in the world, the Lake Superior is responsible for a huge part of the weather and natural ecosystem of the North American Continent. With a rich history and an important commercial position this lake is surely one of the natural wonders of the world.

18. Huron Lake, Canada, United States of America

huron lake( Photo by Miles Away )

Lake Huron is the third largest lake in the Northern United States. Part of the five Great lakes of the American continent, Huron Lake is surely impressive both by size and importance. The water level is variable but very important to the ecosystem which went through dramatic changes in the last years.

19.Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela

maracaibo lake( Photo by Steven House )

This is one of the oldest lakes in the world and during millenniums its geography was changed from an actual lake to a bay like water structure holding one of the major oil resources on the Venezuelan territory.

The exploitation of this resource has changed the structure of the land and many platforms sunk but this lake remains one of the most beautiful large inland waters in the world.

20. Dianchi Lake, China

dianchi lake( Photo by Misse Ward )

Beautiful cyan waters under a spectacular formation of clouds and surrounded by spectacular land, Dianchi Lake is only the sixth freshwater lake in China. In spite of that is surely a sight for sore eyes.

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21.Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan

issyk-kul( Photo by KiraMakina )

The second largest salt water lake in the world Issyk-Kul Lake is also the second as dimension to the high altitude lakes on our planet. The lake is a popular tourist resort and has a large number of natural beaches.

22. Sibaya Lake, South Africa

sibaya lake( Photo by Panthera007 )

Because of the scarce raining this huge freshwater lake is the main water source for a large number of wildlife species. Due to its unique position it is also a scuba diving paradise for tourists.

23.Slimbridge Swan Lake, United Kingdom

slimbridge swan lake( Photo by Anguskirk )

Part of the Slimbridge Wetland Reservation, this lake is the home of a large population of birds and wildlife representatives that make this place an animal paradise. The lake is part of a large English wetland formed on an estuary.

24. Peipsi Lake, Estonia, Russian Federation

peipsi lake( Photo by ilrem )

Dating from Paleozoic era this lake was severely damaged by the Soviet agricultural modifications. One of the largest lakes of European continent the lake has a rich flora and fauna and it is popular for sport fishing.

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25. NakurU Lake, Kenya

nakuru lake( Photo by muddlehead )

A Kenyan piece of paradise on earth harbors the most beautiful gathering of flamingoes and large mammals on the African continent.  This soda lake formed in a Rift Valley is part of Nakuru National Park.


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