A lot of business travelers come off as know-it-alls, moving effortlessly from their town cars to their first-class lounges to the front of the plane, where they’re served mimosas, as they recline in their ergonomic leather seats.

But these so-called “road warriors” aren’t necessarily as smart as they look. If they were, then why would they spend half their lives on the road? After all, travel — and particularly air travel — is the civilian equivalent of water boarding when you aren’t sitting in first class.

And why would they spend so much money on it? Although business travelers comprise only one-third of airline passenger traffic, they account for more than half the air carriers’ revenue.

Truth is, business travelers are often trapped in thankless jobs, and their jet-setting lifestyle only seems glamorous.

A few years ago, Microsoft released a survey that suggested two-thirds of business travelers would just as soon spend time in a dentist’s chair as go on their next business trip. Enough said.

But you can learn something from our collective misery. Here are the three biggest sins committed by business travelers.



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