Nature is a storyteller that narrates the adventurous memoirs that travelers can experience. Imagine the mesmerizing beauty as you greet the sunrise at the Sahara deserts or gasp at the lush green carpet of the rain forest in Costa Rica or enjoying an adventurous animal safari at the jungles of Africa.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, now stop imagining and get into some real action. Enjoy a family trip at the glaciers in Patagonia or bubbling mud pool in Iceland or enjoy the view of the coral reefs in Borneo.

Besides spending time with family, such a tour will impart educational knowledge as well. Let us now look at some of the best adventurous places to visit.

1. Family Safari in Kenya

Family Safari in Kenya

Kids are thrilled watching animals in the zoo or movies. So how about taking them on a wild exploration to make them acquainted with some of the endangered and rare species of animal? Well, if you are thinking the same then go for a nine days family safari tour to various national parks in Kenya and have a glimpse of rhinos, elephants, lions, zebras, leopards, etc.

2. Watch Old Faithful Erupt at Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful Erupt at Yellowstone National Park

Plan a holiday in between June to September and hike the trails of the Yellowstone National Park. You can even explore the boardwalks and trails placed around the geyser, take pictures of bears and bison, and enjoy kayaking with family on the Lake Yellowstone.

3. Travel to the Land of the Midnight Sun

Land of the Midnight Sun

A vacation with whales and dolphins is indeed adventurous. Enjoy sea kayaking at Alaska’s Resurrection Bay or go for a riverside bike ride where fortunately you can come across with Dahl sheep, moose or eagles.

Next, you can go hiking amongst the glistening glaciers and get a mesmerizing view of the snow-capped areas. The chilly winds and tranquility of the environment will send shivers down the spine.

4. Glide down the Amazon in a Classic Riverboat

Glide down the Amazon in a Classic Riverboat

If you are looking for a refreshing yet adventurous trip then, a ten days trip to the Amazon Rainforest will bring relaxation. You can explore the Amazon on a classic riverboat and glide down from Iquitos in Peru, then traverse to the confluence of Maranon, and finally reach the destination where these three forms the greatest river on Earth.

On your way, you can stop at a local village and enjoy some active day-trips and get the view of some of the unique wildlife creatures on the planet.

5. Wildlife bonanza

lust green canopies of Costa Rica

Take your family to enjoy a wildlife bonanza in the lust green canopies of Costa Rica. Here you can enjoy cruising on the canals of Tortuguero in the Coast of Caribbean Sea and as well go for a trekking experience in the primitive rainforest on Corcovado.

Besides in the two weeks trip, you can mesmerize the kids by surfing the reefs of Cano Island situated in the Pacific. You can even get the adventure of photographing some bizarre mini beasts, sloths, macaws, or monkeys.

Go for an enjoyable river rafting or zip-lining experience or take gentle steam at the natural hot springs from the volcanic slopes.


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