Medical emergencies can spring up any time and at any place. Traveling abroad in particular can make a person more vulnerable to contracting illnesses or developing serious health problems. Exotic plants and animals, local cuisine and cultural attractions are not the only things that can be experienced by a tourist visiting a foreign country. For that reason, purchasing an international travel health insurance plan can be a source of protection for any traveler in their hour of need.

Buying international travel medicalinsurance helps tourists cover medical costs that might arise in another country. This type of health insurance plancovers medical bills and opens the door for a tourist to be evacuated out of the country they are visiting if an emergency should arise. Most domestic insurance carriers do not cover medical bills when they are incurred in another country, so having additional coverage is a good way for a tourist to avoid paying for the costs of medical bills out of their own wallet.

Simply purchasing travel insurance will not cover the bases. Travel insurance is a different thing thantravel health insurance. It is designed to replace stolen or missing luggage or compensate tourists for unexpected travel costs, but it does not cover health care. Those expenses must be covered through insurance specifically designated to cover those expenses.

International travel health insurance is something that can prove beneficial to any traveler. Students participating in foreign study programs, business executives on a corporate trip and a family going on vacation are examples of tourists who can benefit from having potential health care costs covered through this method. There are long-term and short-term policies available depending on how much time a tourist plans to spend in another country.

Gateway Plans is a trusted provider of international travel medical insurance. Tourists can contact Gateway Plans through their website at and find an insurance policy that best fits their specific needs. Policies offered through Gateway Plans can cover costs for a wide range of medical treatments and provide financial assistance should any medical emergency arise for a tourist who is staying in another country.


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