Planning a trip in this vacation? Thinking where to go with your family? Waiting eagerly for experiencing different excitements in one single place? Then how about visiting Hong Kong? Recently national geographic channel has awarded Hong Kong as “the most astonishing city of the planet”. Excited about visiting the astonishing city of the planet! [Vacation planning]

places in hong kong

In the year 2007, 28.1 million tourists visited Hong Kong. When compared with 2006 tourists, the rise is about 11.6%. The tourism of Hong Kong is expecting 30 million tourists to visit in 2008. Hong Kong has some of the world’s favorite tourist spots comprising of beautiful lovely islands, territories, Kowloon and outlying islands.

Hong Kong is one of the most visited places of the world, which is recently developing a craze in tourism. Hong Kong is not only known for different places, but also known for its speed, shopping addicted people, money, obsessive materialism and famous brands.

Attention grabbing places in Hong Kong:

The Victorian Peak: The peak is the most famous tourist spot of the Hong Kong. This became famous for the incredible look it provides of the Hong Kong city. The sight of the city from the peak is like seeing a different dimension of the city that is just awesome.

One side of the peak gives you the look of the spectacular skylines, Victorian harbor, Kowloon, skyscrapers and the other side of the peak gives you the peaceful green hillside view of the Hong Kong.

Steel cables provide the transportation facility for reaching the peak. These steel cables travel in an inclination angle 45° and even get down in the same angle. The view when you are coming down from the peak is a thrilling experience and if you visit Hong Kong, don’t miss the steel cables and the peak look.

Giant Buddha: Trip to Hong Kong will be incomplete without the visit to giant Buddha. The Buddha residing here is the world’s tallest, outdoor bronze seated Buddha. Buddha resides on Ngong Pong plateau and gives the tourists the wonderful scene of Lantau Island. Visitors should climb around 268 steps to reach the Buddha statue.

Ocean Park: This is first themed park of china. These ocean parks have recently started two homes for cuddly panda cubs naming Le Le and Ying Ying. New and fun filled entertainments are introduced regularly in the ocean park making the enjoyment in the park double.

Sky fair, balloon ride, Abyss turbo drop, Amazing Amazon, The Mine Train, Film Fantasia Simulator Ride and Flying Swing are a glimpse of different entertainments present in the ocean park.

Repulse bay: This is primarily an upmarket residential area having relaxed resorts like atmosphere. The look of wide, wave-lapped beach became popular with the great sandy strolls in the mornings. This beach became famous because of its crescent shaped and club houses build in traditional Chinese style.

Stanley market: As said before, Hong Kong is famous for its shopping possessions. Stanley market is one of the famous markets of Hong Kong. Stanley market is famous for its ambience look and the market is open for seven days a week.

Causeway bay: This is also known as east point and is one of the leading Hong Kong shopping spot. Famous malls like Times Square, Windsor house, Sogo, Fashion Islands, Lee Gardens and Hang Lung Centre reside in the Causeway bay. This also comprises of street shops and makes the shopping more interesting for people who love purchasing goods through bargaining.

These are just glimpse of different places in Hong Kong and there are several other different places to enjoy. Plan properly and make sure your trip is awesome.


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