Have you included Thailand in your Asia tourism or visiting Thailand in your vacation? Then do not forget to visit the Phuket Island. Phuket Island is full of rich beaches and the trip to these islands will be tremendous and awesome [Beach trips]. This Island is about the size of Singapore and one of the biggest islands in Thailand.

phuket island

The meaning Phuket is Crystal Mountain and the shape of this island seems like an irregular pearl. The vast coastlines and the mountains enhance the beauty and make the traveling experience awesome. You can even own a personal estate in the islands and check the vibrant colors of the islands.

In the heart of the Phuket Island, you have a rain forest which is rich of vegetation. This rain forest is also a Gibbon rehabilitation centre. The island comprises of 17 sandy beaches and each beach is different from one another.

Beaches to check out in the Phuket islands:

The Phuket Island comprises of different beaches which bring grace to the island.

Patong: It is 15km from the heart of the city and it is one of the most developed beaches of the Phuket Island. This beach offers different sporting, leisure, recreational options for the tourists. The most famous activities are windsurfing, snorkeling, swimming, sailing and sunbaths in the Patong beach.

Karon: Second largest beach of the Phuket Island, comprises of modern resorts and have a road line just behind the coast line. The white sand on the beach gives squeaks audibly when walking on the sands of the Karon beach.

Kata: This beach is defined as the scenic gem of the Phuket Island and the water flanked from the hills add spectacular scenery to the tourists. When compared to the most developed beaches, this beach gives you a peaceful experience and this is a family- oriented beach.

The islands which are the most visited and preferred by tourists:

Coral: Also known as Koh Hey and coral reef. This island has two splendid beaches at the north and west of the island. This island comprises of different reefs, marine culturing, accommodations, water sports and various restaurants. Boats are available for reaching the coral island and package tours are also available.

Maiton: This is the tiny island in Phuket, comprises for tourists who seek the perfect natural environment. The beaches are comprised with the fine white sand, crystal clear waters and ideal for tourists who prefer to swim, dive and fishing.

Phi Phi: There are two islands namely Phi Phi don and the Phi Phi le. Phi Phi Don is the developed and is larger beach than the other one. The renovations and luxuries on the island are washed out with the tsunami and now it is being developed again.

Raya Yai Island: The Island is comprised of the clean, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. This is also one of the most visited islands by the tourists in the Phuket islands.


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