No one likes a noisy traveler. You know — the guy at the gate with the cell phone glued to his head, shouting details of his personal life, or the scene-maker on the airplane, or the couple trying to break an endurance record in the hotel room next to you.

While dealing with these types of noise can be frustrating, it can also be fun and rewarding. Here are nine tips for dealing with that noisy neighbor.

1. No kidding. Children are wonderful. We were kids once, and many frequent flyers still act like babies. But after a misconnect, a long day, or just the hassles involved with air travel, the screams of young ones can put you right over the edge.

The simple answer is earplugs. And when you know that your child’s behavior is less than stellar on airplanes, buy a jug of earplugs at the local pharmacy and offer them up as a precaution. You will most certainly get a positive response from your seat neighbors.

2. Cell block. There always seems to be that one person in the boarding area who must broadcast his personal affairs to all in the vicinity. Problem is that most of these people don’t realize how loud they are.

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