cruise sicknessesMaintaining health is often risky while traveling and cruise traveling is very risky for people who are under medications.

You travel for enjoyment, so you should take proper care in traveling to make sure your health does not spoil and make you sick.

By following certain measures, you can maintain your health properly and enjoy the cruise traveling.

Physically staying healthy is the best way for enjoying cruise trip. If you fall sick as soon as you get into the cruise, you will be missing the cruise experience and the enjoyment.

Before you get into the cruise, visit your physician and get the status of your health [Tips to maintain travel health].

Safety measures in cruise traveling:

Many travelers pack all the necessary equipments and accessories required while traveling [Travel checklist]. If you forget any of the equipments, you can buy them. But the most important thing is you should be perfect from inside. Carry adequate amount of medications if you are following any.

Lack of medications can be hazardous for your health. Consult your physician and know the safety measures to be followed in the cruise traveling. The doctor may prescribe some medications for you to control the different problems on the cruise.

The cruise is a vast place, so there is chance for the germs and illnesses to spread easily. Following certain measures such as regularly washing your hands, using disinfectant wipes, effective soaps which control the virus and illness spreading, can cut down the virus expansion in your body.

Cruises also offer relaxations; the relaxation will include lounging too. So, take care that the room you are residing is safe and do not have any germs. Regularly change the door curtains, bed sheets in the room for stopping the spreading of viruses.

Always wear slippers while going out of your room. This will avoid unnecessary viruses attacking you and stop you from stepping onto any harmful objects.

Problems you face on the cruise and controlling them:

The major problems you face on the cruise other than health disorders are the sunburns and the sea sickness.

The cruise is huge and large so you are prone to sunburns. Learn different ways to control sunburns and make sure you don’t suffer with the sunburns. Different ways to control sunburns:

  • Midday shades: Never tend to come out in midday. Ultraviolet rays are very powerful during this time. Avoid coming out between 10:00 am to 04:00pm time for controlling sunburns. Check out the shade test; if your shadow is shorter than you, then the sunrays are powerful with ultraviolet rays.
  • Cover the body: The best way to avoid the sunburns is avoiding sun. Avoid the sun and if you cannot avoid the sun, then at least cover yourself and stop the sunrays from directly falling on you to avoid sunburns.
  • Sunscreen: Experts suggest that the sunscreen products should have SPF 15 to 30 for controlling the sunrays effectively. The sunscreen should contain filter UVA rays for controlling the negative effects of sun. When roaming in hot sun, use a tablespoon of sunscreen for your face itself.
  • Wear sun-glasses: Always prefer UV-blocking sunglasses for safe eyes in hot sun. Prefer polarized lenses for controlling the eye damage to the sun.

The sight of long vast endless sea causes sea-sickness. Here are some ideas to control sea-sickness:

  • Avoid open seas: Avoid trip in vast seas where you cannot have a sign of land. Sometimes, the sight of land will control the effect of sea-sicknesses. So, prefer trip in oceans where you can watch islands and some land forms in regular intervals.
  • Avoid end-season sailing: Many travelers trip in the end of season for cheap cruise trips. Avoid this as the end-season will start the winter season and the sea is chopped with waves. This makes the sailing harder and develops sea-sickness.
  • Choose big cruise: Never travel in small boats, always prefer big cruises as the sight of large number of people around will control the sea-sickness.


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