When traveling, your luggage is usually invaluable to you. Without it, you’d likely be lost and in quite a jam. This is why it’s important to take proper precautions with it when you are on trip.

There are several things you can do to try and keep your luggage as secure as possible at all times. It does not take long for thieves to strike; so you have to keep an eye on your belongings as close as you can.

baggage theft

You need to use your common sense when traveling. This means don’t ever leave your luggage alone. If a thief doesn’t get a hold of it, there’s a good chance the airport security time might and then confiscate it. Don’t allow anything to distract you at places such as airports.

Thieves often work in pairs and while one of them is engaging you in a conversation or distracting you somehow the other one simply wheels away all of your valuables. In case of any baggage theft, you can always request the respective airport authorities to check the footage saved on CCTV camera in order to recover your lost baggage.

And speaking of valuables, you should really keep your most valuable items with you at all times and take them in your carry-on luggage if you have room for them. The same goes for medications and things such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, and wallets. If you’re traveling with somebody else, make sure one of you is watching the luggage at all times. Take turns going to the bathroom and other places. If you’re on your own, there’s no choice really other than taking your luggage with you to the washroom.

Even the most innocent of procedures could see you lose your valuables. For instance, when you place your belongings into the airport scanner, make sure you keep your eye on the conveyor belt when your items reappear. You should also make sure the person in front of you doesn’t scoop up any of your items while they’re waiting for theirs.

As well as locking your checked luggage you may also want to place cable ties or plastic strips around them for added security. Airport security will be able to cut through them if they need to check yourluggage, but if they don’t, it’ll make it harder for thieves to get at your belongings and will hopefully deter them. You can also make things more difficult for them by shrink-wrapping the luggage. This is also an ideal way to protect your bags from damage.

Hard shell suitcases that lock with latches are generally more secure than cases with zippers. Crooks won’t be able to slash the casing either as they can with soft-style luggage. Your luggage may also be taken from a conveyor belt by mistake. This happens because many suitcases look alike. It’s a good idea to put something on your cases that make them easy to identify, such as a sticker or unique luggage tag.

If you are packing valuable items, make sure you hide them. For instance you can place a small camera inside of a show or sweater and small jewelry can be mixed in with your personal hygiene bag. If anybody’s looking through your suitcase quickly there’s a good chance they won’t find these items. Another good idea is to make an inventory list of your packed luggage. This will enable you to quickly identify anything that’s missing after being handled by the airport staff.

Baggage insurance can also let you travel with the knowledge that if anything does happen to your belongings they’ll be covered under the policy. Of course, suitcase locks can only help so much. If somebody really wants to get into your luggage a lock isn’t going to stop them as they can simply just take your suitcase with them. This is why it’s essential to never let it out of your sight.

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