It isn’t always easy to get to see your GP. Whether you just can’t get away from your desk or you struggle to get an appointment less than two weeks in advance, a face-to-face consultation at your local surgery is not possible for a lot of people. And for those who do a lot of travelling it can be even more difficult to get professional medical advice.

Fortunately there is a solution. Online doctor services are now available so that anyone can get the help and medication they need for a range of conditions and problems. With internet access and a few minutes to spare you could soon get the answers you need, wherever you are in the world.

The web has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives and it is no wonder that people often head online for information on illnesses and treatments. If you’re in a town you don’t know or even in another country, you can still get online to a web doctor service for help.

So why should travellers make online doctors their first port of call?


Accessing medical care while travelling can be expensive. Even if you have insurance it does not always cover every treatment and you may have to pay upfront anyway.

Using an online service can get you the help you need quickly and with only the cost off accessing the internet.


It is also much easier to go online than to find the nearest surgery or pharmacy. And if you are in a foreign country there may be language barriers too.

Most smartphones can access the internet so you could literally have the information you need at your fingertips. This makes an online doctor service incredibly convenient.


Many services require you to sign up with a valid UK address, but aside from this you do not have to reveal anything you do not want to tell. You should still be honest about your health and other medication you have taken, but without a face-to-face conversation many patients find it easier and less embarrassing to get medical assistance. No-one else need know that you have spoken to a doctor.

All this means that online doctor services are becoming more frequently used. For women, particularly those on holiday, a common reason to get web health assistance is because they have had unprotected sex and need the morning-after pill.

In these situations women simply have to complete an online questionnaire, choose whether to collect the pill from a pharmacy or have it posted and make the payment. A doctor then confirms the prescription and it will be issued as selected.

There are many more women’s health matters that can be handled by online doctors, giving females peace of mind that they can receive quality medical care wherever they happen to be.

Serious medical problems and emergencies always require immediate attention and online doctorscannot replace hospitals and paramedics in these situations. But for minor ailments and general health queries go online to save time and money and avoid the difficulties of finding health professionals in an unfamiliar place.


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