For those who are not inspired by the thought of another beach break, it might be time to consider some more unusual options. Holidays don’t have to be spent around a pool, soaking up rays, although this can provide much-needed rest and relaxation.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, start thinking about usual destinations and accommodation choices. There are plenty of options available for those who relish the opportunity to have an adventure.

Volunteering Holidays

Volunteering Holidays

The most rewarding kind of holidays are those where we give something back. For those who are less interested in relaxing and more interested in having truly unique experiences when abroad, a volunteering holiday is the perfect choice. You can volunteer abroad with a number of non-profit organizations and choose to help out for between one and six weeks, depending on what best suits your requirements.

Whether you’re most interested in orphanage, child care, building, animal rescue or conservation projects, all these volunteering causes are worthy of consideration.

Norwegian Cruises

Norwegian Cruises

A cruise is something that we usually associate with high temperatures and popularity with the over 50s. However, companies like Hurtigruten are offering something completely different with a range of Norwegian cruises. If you’ve ever seen pictures of the spectacular Northern Lights, you’ll know that seeing them is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

A winter voyage that includes a chance to see the Northern Lights will surely get a place on every seasoned traveller’s wish list. In the summer, there’s also the opportunity to experience Norway’s famous Midnight Sun.

Staying in the UK

staying in the UK

You don’t have to venture abroad to get a unique holiday experience. There are plenty of unusual options right here in Britain for those who want to get a little bit more from their travels. Why not stay in a castle in Northumberland or an 18th century windmill in North Yorkshire? It’s guaranteed to create a major talking point at dinner parties in the future.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can be part of a yurt camp in Hampshire or vacation on a narrowboat in Lancashire.

More ideas for holidays that take you off the beaten track can be found online.


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