travel luxuriousWant to travel in style and luxury but working with a budget that is anything but luxurious?

No worries, it can totally be done with a little bit of crafty planning and some know how.

First off, our travels usually begin with a flight…in economy. How do we move on up to the forward cabin of the aircraft and enjoy the luxuries of first class (nothing says glamour like free socks, liquor and crab cakes!)?

We dress in our finest, get to the airport early, smile and treat the check-in travel agents with respect and politely ask what the chances are that they’ll be upgrading some people.

Something that most people don’t know is that when there is space in first class, the agents will look for singles or couples (child-free) who are respectably dressed and yes, friendly, to pick out of the line up and offer an upgrade.

There is nothing wrong with beating them to the punch and asking them first as long as you make a good impression first. This is easier to do in the off-season when flights are not going out full or oversold.

Trust me; a little smile can go a long way when dealing with an employee who spends much of his/her day getting yelled at for things beyond their control like delays and cancellations!

What else says luxury? A chic hotel of course! If you forgo traveling in the busier seasons you can use the money you save on your airfare to splurge on five star accommodations which are also cheaper in the off-season.

You can likely find a five star in the low-season for the same price that you’d pay for an economy hotel in the busy seasons! Taking the time to shop around online can also save you some extra dollars as will taking advantage of weekly rates and weekend specials that offer you better than what you’d pay nightly.

Those savings mean the guilt-free luxury of high thread count bedding and fluffy bathrobes for you to lounge in courtesy of the luxury hotels!

And last but not least, nothing says luxurious quite like a spa day. No matter where your travels take you or how limited your budget is; splurge on a spa day whether at the hotel you stay at or even just at a nearby salon.

Setting aside a day for pampering, be it a massage or a manicure and pedicure is bound to take the luxury level up a notch and make you feel incredible.

And as mentioned before; remember to smile! You never know when it’s going to score you a discount or an extra couple minutes of tootsie soaking!


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