Spa pleasures are now everywhere, but when comes to spa that combines relaxation with unusual techniques there are several spa-centers you should visit at least once in a life- time.

The Fiesta Americana Somma Wine Spa in Los Cabos, Mexico is a place for total relaxing beauty care and procedures that clears your facial skin with Vino-therapy.

Okeanos SpaOceanos Spa in New York also possesses quality that is rarely served in the other spa salons. Only here you will have your Russian bath and caviar body mask that are proven for smoother and softer skin.

Capella TellurideAnother spa to remember is located in Colorado. The Capella Telluride is offering exclusive body and face procedures with caffeine therapy. Their experts claim that the green coffee therapy is the best way for removing the black points and the dead skin off your body.

Mii Amo spaIn Mii Amo spa, located in Arizona they are offering a color therapy and massages with special oils. Their clients are participating in a Relationship Reading Treatment.


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