travelTwo years ago I flew from Atlanta to Milan. I thought that was the longest flight in the history of long flights.

It was about 9 or 10 hours I cannot remember. Then I recently talked to a friend who flew from Detroit to somewhere in Germany and her flight was somewhere around 14 hours.

I wish I had known then what I know now about making a long international flight somewhat bearable.

Hopefully if you have a trip coming up and it looks like you are going to be on a plane for awhile, you can take some of these suggestions and make it a worthwhile trip.

Do your homework. Read a book. Write in your journal. In fact, start a travel journal.

You will never again be able to experience exactly what you are experiencing at that moment what better way to document your feelings, emotions and experiences than to document the trip through a travel journal?

Before you actually book the flight consider upgrading to seats with more room. If you think about it, what is $50-$100 when you’ve just spent nearly $1000 on the flight especially if it will make your experience that much more bearable?

If you are booking a flight that has the option of picking a seat once you get to the airport then plan to get there a bit early and get to choose a seat that you are really comfortable with. [discount air travel]

Take snacks with you and bottled water. It is no secret that plane food is way less than desirable so take some snacks with you. Take raisins, crackers, pop tarts, pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, whatever sounds good to you.

Also take bottled water. You really need to stay hydrated on your flight so that you are healthy and hydrated the remainder of the trip.

The reason we suggest taking bottled water of your own is because if it is a bit flight and a busy flight you may wait quite awhile between times the flight attendants have a chance to get around with more water.

Once you are on your international flight set your watch to the time zone you are going to and start adhering to that time. If it is currently late afternoon at your destination wait about 5 hours then try to get some sleep.


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