When you are out travelling, you can often go overboard your budget, especially if you are in a group.  While the costs for hotels, tickets and transportation are fixed, the one place where you can overspend is the food.  But by making the right choices or through a little prior planning, you can bring down the cost of food and beverages by a big margin.

By planning well, the money spent on food can be saved without making you feel food deprived, no matter where you go. The following are the top tips to save money on food while travelling:

tips on saving money on food while travelingStay at a Place Which Offers Complimentary Breakfast

It is advisable to book a hotel or accommodation which offers the facility of a complimentary breakfast. During travelling, the breakfast has to be the heaviest meal of the day so that you are full of energy throughout the day and thus it is better if you opt for the option of an included breakfast.  If not, you can also eat your first meal of the day at local bakeries which charge less than restaurants.

Cook your Own Meals

Another tip to save money on food while traveling is to look for an accommodation which offers the facility of a kitchen. This will enable you to cook your own meals rather than spending money on eating out.  You can stock up the basic cooking requirements from a local supermarket or purchase ready to eat products like soups, pastas, noodles etc.

Eat from a Supermarket

Another great idea is to visit a supermarket and stock up on non-perishables such as chips, granola bars, dried fruits, crackers and others. This can help you go through the day without certain meals and definitely costs less than eating out at a restaurant.  You can also find many other ready to eat foods at supermarkets which just need to be heated to be consumed.

Carry Some of your Own Food

If you really wish to save money on food during a trip then another option that you can try is to carry some of your own food which won’t get stale atleast for a few days. You can cook certain meals and wrap them in foil papers. For example, you can prepare sandwiches etc. and use them for a couple of days.

Eating Street Food

Rather than eating out at expensive restaurants or hotels, it is better to opt for street food whenever possible as street food or food sold at local counters can cost much less than restaurants. You can also look for big fast food chains like Burger King or McDonalds to buy yourself packaged meals as they cost less than proper meals.

Get the Best Restaurant Deals

Before selecting a restaurant, you must always use mobile apps to locate the restaurants offering the best discounts or deals. This can further help you to save money on your main meals of the day such as lunch and dinner.


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