All of use love to travel and have a bucket list of our dream destinations ready to visit and this list includes a lot of famous places where thousands of tourists visit all over the year. These hot spots are indeed very famous and are also advertised to be very amazing but there are some of these places, which have only proved to be the worst tourist traps ever.

People have only regretted when they have visited there after spending huge amounts of money. It is necessary for you to know about these tourist traps so that you do not waste your money like many others did. Read below to know some of these worst tourist traps:

top worst tourist traps to avoid

Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica

It is one of the most overrated place to visit. When you reach there, you will realize that all the money which you spent for coming here was a waste. It is very crowded and dirty and nothing like the way it is advertised.

Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

This is again a place where there is nothing really worth visiting. It just has a statue of Bruce Lee and disturbing music of the mall which is played on a really low volume. There are very few resting areas and no souvenir booths are available here.

Times Square in New York City

It is just a place where you will only see a bunch of TV advertisements and brand stores. It is nothing different than any other square in a city and the only different thing here is huge hoardings and advertisements everywhere.

Nanjing Dong Lu in Shanghai

It is said to be one of the best streets for shopping in China but it is nothing close to that in reality. It was in fact the number one commercial street in China 150 years back and apart from some old shops, there is nothing really special about this place.

Winston Churchill’s Britain in London

This is one of the places heavily advertised by tourism companies in Britain but apart from a few artifacts, there is nothing else which represents the war, instead of a mannequin with fake blood which represents the war in the most disappointing way.

Saduak Floating market in Bangkok: There are a lot of tourist markets in Bangkok but all the tourists want to visit here because it is really famous, for no single reason. It used to be a place for local enjoyment but today, it sells the junk which you can find in any other market in Bangkok and you cannot even enjoy the boat rides as the place is full of canal traffic jams.

Leaning tower of Pisa in Italy: You have seen a lot of photos of people trying to hold the leaning tower of Pisa but it is nothing more than that. Though it has an interesting story, there is nothing much to do there apart from climbing the tower with the help of dizzy spiral steps.


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