There are many means of travel as everyone knows. You can get somewhere by bicycle, motorcycle, car, van, bus, subway, train, plane, boat or even tuk-tuk if you happen to be in Bangkok.

Wait a second. There is one form of transportation that was left out from that list isn’t there? Hmmm, what could it be? It should be as obvious as the nose on your face…or maybe the feet on your legs.

Walking is the oldest and most reliable form of transportation there is. It also happens to be the one form of transportation that harms the environment the least.

There are many benefits to walking. If you are visiting a foreign place, walking can help you feel like you belong there. It also gives you the opportunity to meet locals, who in turn can tell you more about the place than any guidebook can.

You can also get to see the interesting little places that would normally be overlooked on any kind of a guided tour not to mention that you will get a chance to explore places on your own without having to listen to bored tour guides or other passengers who might just be annoying enough to make you want to crawl under the bus instead of riding in it.

There are of course more reasons to travel on foot. While you do have to keep yourself fed and watered, you do not have to put gas and oil in yourself.

Walking is green and as long as you leave no trace, it will stay the greenest of transportation means. Walking also keeps you exercised and healthy since you can burn up to 38 calories per hour walking.

Walking keeps you in touch with the natural side of things. You will see plants, flowers and wildlife that you might not otherwise notice if you are riding a vehicle. Also, say you are on a tour bus…imagine what the sounds and smells would be on the bus. Now imagine walking down the same streets. What would the sounds and smells be like then?

Don’t you think that the smells and sounds of the area you are visiting would make much better memories than the stale smells and the sounds of other people on a tour bus would be?

Think about it and next time, be smarter, greener and fitter…walk around the world and enjoy every piece of its beauty.


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