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chapada diamantina

Chapada Diamantina Or Beauty Anywhere You Look

When in Brazil, one of the most gorgeous places to visit is the Chapada Diamantina.  Once renowned for the diamond mining operations there, it is now a national park of untold beauty. One can go hiking and see the gorgeous mountain vistas or caving and even snorkel in some of the underground lakes in the […]


Take Your Romance To The Island Of The Gods

They call it the Island of the Gods and Bali is even more than that. One of the most famous destinations for romantic getaways offers wonderful adventures and a pleasant stay. A vacation in Bali means many things – laying on the white sand beaches, exploring volcanoes and mighty waterfalls, diving for stunning coral reefs. […]


Austria: Expensive Or Not?

When exploring the beauties of a new country, the shining cafés, full-modern hotels, most desirable museums are to be the first things that come into minds. However, the wallet in the pocket may not be happy returning to home-sweet-home. In order not to sadden the wallet, it is important to know how to visit Austria […]


Recession Turns The Cities Of America Into “Less Miserables”

People see America as the land of all possibilities, the place where anybody with a shred of luck can actually make it. Beyond this almighty image we are all so used to see when looking at United States, there are things that even America can’t control. These things come in the end to leave a […]

vonage mobile

Smart Phone Network Plan For A Traveler’s Needs

If you are an international traveler mammoth mobile bills are a common pain. Vonage Mobile has an irresistible worldwide calling plan which promises to cut down your bills drastically. All you need is a Wi-Fi signal to turn your iPod Touch into a phone. Blackberry or iPhone models can also take advantage of this. The […]

healthy back carry bags

Ameribag – Always Dependable When Traveling

If you are seeking comfort, while you are traveling, you need a Healthy Back Bag. It is made by Ameribag and offers brand new design to allocate the weight as well the  length of an user’s back instead of  putting pressure on his shoulders. It was created keeping in mind that a person needs to […]

Angel Canyon

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary: An Opportunity To Travel Beautiful Lands And Volunteer

There is an animal sanctuary located in a small town in southern Utah called Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. It is located in the tiny town of Kanab at Angel Canyon and the Golden Circle of national parks. The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is home to approximately 2,000 homeless cats, dogs and other animals. Not only […]


Movie Sites – Cool Travel Destinations

Do you remember the stunning movie The Beach, based on the book of Alex Garland? Perhaps you do, because this is one of those movies, which can make you travel all around the world seeking the beauty of the nature, which Leo DiCaprio experienced in the famous movie. When this movie was released, Thailand turned […]

st patricks day

Fun And Small Budget Wherever You Go: Dublin, Barcelona Or Marrakech

Do you want to go on trip with a super discount and visit the hottest places available this spring? Then see these offers and pack your stuff. First destination is Dublin for their famous St Patrick’s Day in the end of May. The offer is available from Flight Centre in UK and includes flight with […]

banff national park

Banff – Enjoy The Canadian Winter

If you are looking for a getaway in Canada that is filled with beautiful scenery and wondrous wintry weather, look no further than Banff. There are majestic mountain vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see. With all of the snow, there is a plethora of winter sporting activities available including skiing, dog […]