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Argentina – A Budget Holiday Hot-Spot?

Argentina – A Budget Holiday Hot-Spot?

Argentina, also called the Argentine Republic is a federal republic located in southeastern South America. The eighth largest country in the globe – Argentina is also the second-largest in Latin America, and the largest Spanish-speaking country. Argentina is a country filled with diversity.  Accommodation in Buenos Aires is very diverse ranging from cheap hostels to […]

budget travel to koh samui

Tips for a Budget Travel to Koh Samui

Ko Samui, is situated in the Gulf of Thailand and is a spectacular destination, famous for its palm-fringed, sun kissed beaches, mountainous rainforests and undersea wildlife. It is home to plush spas and exotic resorts and electrifying night life. This island is small in size to be covered in a day with a motorbike or […]

budget travel tips to barbados

5 Budget Travel Tips To Barbados

When one thinks of sandy beaches, clear blue sky and an air of relaxation, the name of Barbados definitely comes to mind.  Barbados is a beach destination in the Caribbean which attracts a lot of tourists from around the world every year. This place is known for its beach parties, laid back life and of […]

luang prbang in laos

Cheapest Destinations in Asia – A Perfect Backpacker’s List

There is a famous traveler’s quote that says ‘If traveling was free…you would never see me again’. Expense is the first thing that we consider when we are planning our holidays and often we need to settle for near or cheap destinations due to our budget constraints.  However, there are many inexpensive holiday destinations that […]

you can finally travel on a budget

You Can Finally Travel on a Budget… and Still Relax in Luxury

Traveling on a budget is never ideal. Yes, you save money, and are able to go away more often. But you end up staying in a cramped hotel, uncomfortable from the old beds and constantly uneasy about every cent you use. When you were much younger, this was part of the charm – running out […]

tips for budget travel to seoul

Top 6 Tips for Budget Travel to Seoul

Located in South Korea, Seoul is apparently listed as the most expensive cities in the world. A city with more than hundreds of destinations to explore and admire, this place is not budget friendly but is an awesome choice to have unforgettable memories and fun. From planning your air fare to booking your accommodation and […]

tips to travel maldives on a budget

Top 7 Tips to Travel Maldives on a Budget

Maldives has turned out into a vacationer’s paradise over the past decade and continues to attract tourists from across the world. From lavish water-villa resorts to underwater rooms and from beautiful beach side restaurants to several water sports to offer, Maldives is a beautiful country to visit. But it is important to remember that Maldives […]

travel to china on budget

How to Travel to China on Budget

China or the People’s Republic of China occupies a huge geographical area in Eastern Asia and has the world’s largest population. Millions of people visit China for both travel and business purpose and the good news is that the trip can be made into a budget travel with few tricky steps. The temples, festivals, Great […]

travel to rio de Janeiro on a budget

Travel to Rio De Janeiro on a Budget: Fabulous Tips

Nestled safely between Serra Da Bocaina Mountains and the beautiful sea, Rio de Janeiro is a lovely city which makes for a perfect tourist destination.  The insanely pretty beaches, the beach parties, the chilled out atmosphere and plenty of warm hearted people make this place an absolutely delight. There are plenty of opportunities to spend […]

budget travelling in sri lanka

How to go About a Budget Travelling in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with beaches, tea plantations, jungles and breathtaking landscapes. To many, Sri Lanka is a dream destination for a vacation. However, travelling in Sri Lanka is a bit on the expensive side. Leaving aside the costs of visa, and air travel fees which vary from place to place, the mere […]