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CN Tower, Toronto

5 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Canada

Being the second largest country across the globe, there is no dearth of beautiful landscapes and unqiue tourist attractions for travellers. The country of Canada is home to some of the most exquisite sites in the world that boast immense natural beauty. With the cheapest flights to the diverse cities of Canada, one can enjoy […]

Know about the Louisiana Top Attractions

Know about the Louisiana Top Attractions

Louisiana is a state located in the southern region of the United States and reflects the amalgamation of American, African, and French culture. Also, whether you visit during Mardi Gras or during any time of the year, you can enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking or canoeing on any of the many waterways or along the Gulf […]


Sardinia – A Paradise That Waits to be Explored

Very distinct from mainland Italy in terms of language, history, and cuisine, the island of Sardinia is what can be defined as a perfect paradox. It is geographically detached from mainland Italy and is older geologically. When you visit, this autonomous region has a unique and interesting story to tell you. This is a paradise […]

exotic asian destinations for meditation lovers

Exotic Asian Destinations for Meditation Lovers

Meditation is the state of achieving deep inner peace when the mind is silent, calm but alert. It relieves stress and transforms a person to a higher level of awareness. It is certainly a state of thoughtlessness but at the same time the person meditating remains aware of his surrounding. Meditation increases concentration, de stresses […]

key monastery, india

6 Must Visit Monasteries in the World

Monasteries are the place of worships for Buddhists but people from all religions and walks of life love visiting them because they are extremely peaceful and divine. One thing that is common in almost all the monasteries of the world is the unique location. It is a fact that the world’s most beautiful monasteries are […]

nude beaches in the world

Exotic 5 Nude Beaches in the World

Nude beaches have gained great popularity these days as minimalism with swim wears has reached a completely new level. These beaches are all open for the nudists and naturalists to legally enjoy the naked frolicking along the sandy dunes. Some visitors yearn to get connected with nature directly, while some go there just for the […]

andes, south america

Top 10 Hiking Destination in the World

For the professional climbers as well the passionate hikers, knowing the best hiking destinations in the world are a must thing. Some of the destinations are not as challenging as they appear, but the common point that they share is the breathtaking view and the weather out there. Given below is a list of top […]

best wine tasting places in the world

Best Wine Tasting Places in the World

Today, wine tasting has become the latest trend all around the world and is a practice followed by many wine lovers. The wine tasting culture has become so popular that a lot of individuals prefer to go to those vacation destinations that offer such experiences.  It’s definitely a different and exciting way to spend your […]

top casino games

Top Casino Games to Play Online, When Craving the Casinos of Aruba, Caribbean

Aruba is a vibrant place in the Caribbean Islands and if you are casino aficionado, then you are in luck, as Aruba is like finding a Las Vegas right in the midst of the Caribbean. If you are truly looking for a world class casino experience, Aruba is the right place. The glamour and glitz,not […]

cappadocia, turkey

Top 5 Destinations for Hot Air Balloon Ride

The first hot air balloon ride was seen in Paris, in the year 1783; ever since 1950s this technology has become a popular way to enjoy aerial rides. The hot air balloon has the heated air and beneath it, a gondola or wicket is suspended that carries passengers from one place to another. The heated […]