You may have used your student ID to get a discount on movie tickets, a transit pass or book store purchase. Did you know that there are student discounts for airline tickets, as well? Nor do you have to go on an official student tour to get it. Here are a few secrets to finding very cheap student flights.


Know the Rules Before You Search

Student flight discounts give you access to cheap flights aimed at students between 12 and 25. Many airlines provide discounts to this demographic in order to generate lifelong loyalty. It is similar to credit card companies offering deep discounts to be someone’s first credit card, one they will almost feel bad about cutting up regardless of the interest rate charged. How do you get a student discount? We’ve already mentioned the age restrictions. Expect to provide additional information. It is common for them to ask what school you’re currently attending, while some require you to provide a copy of your school ID. Others will let you book the student flight rate as long as you have the right promo codes.

Do Your Research

Know that the discounted rate you are offered may not be the best deal out there. For example, those shopping for Emirates airline flights should do a search for student discounts as well as any other discounts. You may need to do a search through different flight search portals to do an accurate comparison. Find the ideal flight at the right price. In fact, you could find a great deal and then see if an additional student discount is available. This prevents the classic problem of being forced to select from the few designated, discounted student flights.

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Another variation of this advice is to use flexible dates instead of exact dates. You might save money by leaving Friday night instead of Saturday morning. Or depart on Sunday morning instead of Monday. Return a day or two earlier, and you could save hundreds of dollars. Compare the price of two one-way flights instead of a round trip. You could save 20 percent or more, and you gain extra flexibility regarding arrival and departure dates.

Be Willing to Change Flights

Direct flights are more convenient, but they are often the most expensive. Yet tour groups love direct flights, since they don’t have to herd a group of 50 students through two different airports. However, you could save money by searching for flights in combination. For example, you could land at a regional airport and then hop to another regional airport instead of landing a major airports like Heathrow or Dubai International Airport.

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Go Through Agencies that Work with Students

Whether you’re flying solo, in a small group or in a large group, consider working with a student agency. These travel agencies can take advantage of group discounts as well as student discounts when arranging your travel. For example, you might get a discount for taking the last few seats on a flight filled with students from a particular school. Now you get a group discount though you are not officially part of that group. However, you’ll still want to do your own research so that you know that their prices are competitive.


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