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Faro Airport

Finding your way from Faro Airport to Albufeira

Albufeira, on the southern coast of Portugal, is a lively beach town offering a range of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and day trips. It is a really popular holiday destination for families, young people and couples. The nearest airport is Faro, which serves the whole Algarve region, and is just 35km away from Albufeira. Travelling […]

Tips to make Travelling in Bus Comfortable

Tips to make Travelling in Bus Comfortable

Bus journeys are considered to be comfortable for short distances and they can be comparatively cheaper as well. However bus trips to faraway lands that take around 8-10 hours can be hectic owing to the road conditions, seats, and other restrictions. Travelling by a bus saves your time and you can also spend that money […]

top worst tourist traps to avoid

Top Worst Tourist Traps to Avoid

All of use love to travel and have a bucket list of our dream destinations ready to visit and this list includes a lot of famous places where thousands of tourists visit all over the year. These hot spots are indeed very famous and are also advertised to be very amazing but there are some […]

important points to follow while visiting a museum

6 Important Points to Follow While Visiting a Museum

Museums are one of the most popular categories of tourists attractions in the world. Not only are they fascinating but also prove to be a good learning experience for people. There are many types of museums and some of them include history museums, art museums, science museums, cultural museums and others. But to visit any […]

playing games to pass time at the airport

Playing Games to Pass Time at the Airport

Ever been stuck at the airport for what seems like an interminable wait? ‘Why does the blooming airplane seem to have a list of mechanical problems longer than your 98 year old grandfather?’ and ‘why do the stewardesses sound so gosh-darned jolly when they announce the fourth delay for the flight?’ may just be a […]

tips to follow if you lose your passport

Tips and Suggestions to Follow If you Lose your Passport

Anguish levels go up unnecessarily when you lose or misplace an important document like the passport. Passport is one such essential document that should be kept under immense care and safety; losing it can also imply that someone is misusing it, which shall call for legal implications on you as well. It is hence highly […]

camping hacks

Camping Hacks You Need to Try

For anyone who likes to travel, camping allows the perfect opportunity to sleep and eat under the stars. Additionally, few accept it as an opportunity to try clever, practical hacks to take their next experience around the campfires to an altogether different level. Make your life easier by following these tips from pros like Louis […]

toilet etiquette to follow while travelling

Bathroom and Toilet Etiquette to Follow While Travelling

Using public restrooms is not the best or most pleasant experience for any of us.  While some people forget to flush, others may dirty the toilet seat, making the experience almost horrific. The way we use the restroom is very important as the wrong usage can make it uncomfortable for the others to use it […]

ways to avoid losing your luggage

11 Ways to Avoid Losing your Luggage

The most irritating thing that will surely get on your nerves is losing your luggage while on a vacation – it will ruin all your plans for sure as luggage is the integral part of a vacation. Losing the luggage leads you to fill up a baggage claim form and wait pointlessly. This situation and […]

useful travelling tips for patients suffering from hypertension

Useful Travelling Tips for Patients Suffering from Hypertension

If you are a globe trotter and just being diagnosed with hypertension, do not get anxious about your future travel endeavours as there are many precautionary measures that can keep you away from any health related troubles while travelling. If your blood pressure levels are well controlled and you are under regular medication, travelling will […]