– These exotic and romantic beaches will give you all the joy

Many of the winter newly weds are tempted to postpone the honeymoon until spring or summer so they could enjoy a peaceful romantic time in warm weather and sunshine.

The good news is that, if winter spreads a cold blanket over some parts of the world, the exotic destinations retain all the splendor and amazing beauty that can offer a young couple a spectacular chance for a beautiful vacation.

Here are the most spectacular exotic beach destinations able to make honeymooners feel all the joy and romance of the first days spent as a wedded couple.

1. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Bahamas Archipelago is known for the paradise appearance and the amazing blue waters. Pink Sands Beach is perhaps the crown jewel for the ones seeking a honeymoon destination. Tropical grounds, luxurious treatment, clear waters and endless beautifully colored sands, make Pink Sands Beach a memory you would want to treasure. Hotel bookings at Bahamas can be a piece of cake with hotels.com discount code.Using these vouchers you can enjoy your stay at some of the best places in Bahamas at affordable prices.

2. Tranquil Lagoon, Bora Bora

Bora Bora is the land of promised perfect time. The newly weds can find here the sweet chance of freedom in a secluded picturesque beach called Tranquil Lagoon. The exotic nature all around the lagoon offers the best as view and natural beauty are concerned.

3. Whitehaven Island, Australia

Endless blue and endless fun are waiting for the newly weds here. Beautiful white beach and amazing places to party are making this place ideal for a young couple ready to have amazing good time during the honeymoon.

4. Boracay Beach

Philippines are famous for the beautiful exotic places they hold. Of all of those amazing beach destinations attracting tourists, the most beautiful is Boracay. The spectacular beach is completely seductive and a honeymoon there would offer any couple the best possible memories.

5. Anse Source D’Argent, Seychelles

Almost like it was brought down from the endless sky Anse Source D’Argent, Seychelles is truly a place where love can flourish. The wild beauty of the unique scenery and the peaceful nature bringing only the best in sounds and impressive landscape makes this one the perfect honeymoon getaway. If you want to stay close to the beach at Seychelles then on the beach voucher code is the best bet. With these coupons you can achieve luxury stays at budget prices.

6. Palm Beach – Aruba

There are many Palm Beach destinations in the world but none like Aruba’s. The island itself is filled with all a love story would need as scenery and Palm Beach Aruba retains the wild side of nature next to the finest treats of civilization. A modern couple wanting to mix the rest and fun would find here exactly what they need.

7. Anguilla, Lesser Antilles

You would have to say : “Oh my!” when looking at this exotic fairytale place. If you plan a honeymoon cruise make sure you pick one that stops on this island because it is a lifetime opportunity to see its tremendous beauty. The beach here has the smoothest sand and shallow waters harbor a picturesque adventure for the passionate about snorkeling.

8. Poipu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

If there ever was a paradise for young people, Poipu Beach it is. Hawaii is one of the most famous exotic vacation spots and Poipu Beach is a surfer’s paradise. Beautiful scenery and the most spectacular morning and evening sky make it a romantic spot filled with magical beauty.

9. Natadola Beach, Fiji

Fiji is a place known for keeping its exotic beauty untamed. The island with all its magical wonders is perfect for a honeymoon and Natadola Beach offers all that nature has best in landscape, food and treatment. Here the young couple can make sweet memories to treasure for a lifetime.

10. Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica and the fabulous music and rum! One of the top exotic beach destinations for young couples, Negril is the right place for those couples that want to feel life with all its wonders. Here they can find adventure, fun and joy and also amazing waters to dive and swim.

11. Fernando de Norohna, Brazil

Brazil in all its luxuriant nature is a place where exotic and cosmopolite meet to have a good time. Fernando de Norohna is one of the famous beach destinations of this country ready to invite newly weds to savor all that such a romantic destination has to offer.  The sightseeing is outstanding here and you can have a wonderful time no matter what you choose to do for fun.

12. Horshoe Bay, Bermuda

Bermuda and everything about it reminds everyone about a truly beautiful heaven on earth. Horshoe bay is the place where the nature remained untamed and filled with all the wild beauty untouched by technology. The bay is not exactly the largest beach but the white sand and shallow waters are perfect for a close to nature romantic getaway.

13. Tulum beach, Cancun

Part of the recently made famous Mayan Riviera, Tulum beach is the right place to go for young married couples on a budget. Beautiful beach destinations with green waters, historical sites to enrich your knowledge and not very expensive food and accommodation can be exactly the place you would want to spend your honeymoon.

14. Amankila, Indonesia

If luxury getaways are your thing then the right honeymoon for you is the one spent in Amankila. Here the notion of privacy is sacred and the honeymoon couple can take advantage of a royal treatment. Spa sessions and endless relaxation can be enjoyed in a beautiful paradise where everything is at your disposal.

15. Caneel Bay, Virgin Islands

A paradise spot on the territory of Virgin Islands, Caneel Bay is a place fit for honeymooners of all ages. The place has pretty much everything for everyone and the royal treatment is part of the tourist package you purchase.

16. Grand Baie, Mauritius

Grand Baie is the right place for those not minding traveling a long way for just the fun of discovering new places of paradise. Beautiful beach destinations, palm trees whispering in the wind and all the beauty nature reserved for this spectacular place can’t wait to be explored by honeymooners.

Here you can have a great time partying but also make the most of your adventure seeing the historical places of this colony. There are plenty to do here and the locals will make sure you have a wonderful time.


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