beach runningWhat could better Running barefoot across a beautiful sandy beach, In practical terms though it can be risky and should only be done gradually to allow your feet to get used to it. [foot care]

There are also hazards such as rocks or glass which could cause a bad injury.

Strangely humans are just not used to spending any length of time without foot protection, if you think about is babies are very young when they are given their first set of shoes.

It will probably be a lot easier to equip yourself with a good pair of running shoes specifically designed for a sandy terrain. Whichever you choose its worth considering certain factors especially if you plan to run on a regular basis at your local beach.

The ideal time to run, in terms of the ocean and the sand, is at low tide. Avoid the hottest points of the day, as the heat from the sun reflected from the water can be very harsh. This also means that you can even go for a swim after your run which is a great way of finishing off.

If you keep to just above the shore line the surface will be firmer and therefore easier to run on. Never forget to protect your skin against the damaging rays of the sun, even if there is a light breeze, always wear sunscreen or body lotion liberally before taking a single step.

Make sure you have a supply of water, either carried on your person or stop at water fountains if they are around. Dehydration should be avoided at all costs so take a regular intake of liquid.

Where clothing is concerned layering is best, that way you can easily adjust your attire to suit weather conditions and you won’t get caught out too often.

If you are using beach training before a road race, like a marathon then you will require plenty of running on a harder surface as preparation. Your feet will never manage a hard road surface without adjustment, whether you run barefoot or not.

The pace too will be very different on the sand compared to running on roads and whilst you will have strengthened muscles, great care should still be taken as the strain on both ankles and knees could be pretty significant.

It is well worth making all the necessary allowances for running on the beach because away from the traffic and motor fumes, with the sea rolling towards the shore what better way to appreciate the luxury of one of nature’s greatest gifts.


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