Beach vacationPresently it seems as if everyone is on a rather strict budget.

However, just because your budget may be slim, it does not mean that you can not enjoy your time on a beautiful beach.

Puerto Rico has some of the luxurious beaches around, for a price that is great for anyone’s wallet.

Vieques, Puerto Rico is located right of the east coast of the island, and is widely known as home to the largest wildlife refuge in the Caribbean. You precariously hop a ride on a ferry from the east side of Puerto Rico; the ferry ride will run you a mere $2.

Accommodations on the island are primarily inexpensive guesthouses. The guesthouses run about $90.00 per night, and coincidentally offer some of the most breathtaking views that you could ever imagine.

If you’re in for a little family fun, snorkeling will serve your family justice.  Bring your mask, and make a short channel swim to the Isla Chiva located just off the Blue beach. You will discover the beauty that lies in the Technicolor coral reefs.

Aside from all the great inexpensive activities that you can enjoy while on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico you will be around some of the most renowned attractions, that any island could ever offer.


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